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  1. A pointer towards Quad residuals ?

    Alfa Giulia
    4,000 mile car March 2017 Decent spec Inc tri coat comp red, elec seats, cf steering wheel, black teledials List price new = £65,300 Guess how much Alfa dealers are bidding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. 159: Residuals and Depreciation

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi everyone. Just purchased my first Alfa - a 159! Incredibly excited to join the Alfa brotherhood, but have one concern...depreciation and residuals. The 159 I've got is a 2006, so I suspect that it's already taken it's biggest depreciation hits. I was, however, alarmed to see the low, low...
  3. Good Residuals

    Alfa MiTo
    Got my copy of Feel UK today. According to the covering letter CAP Monitor (who are apparently residual experts) predict the MiTo retaining 47% of its original list price over a 60k mile/3-year period
  4. Alfa Residuals?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Took my wifes VW golf gt tsi (170) to the dealers yesterday to find out value. 07 plate 10000 miles mint!Turns out up to now (18 months old) its lost £7000. At the 2 year point when we are due to change !!!! Oh Yes its depreciated 50% in 2 yes 2 years:mad: Ive had a few Alfas and my car GTV 2.0...
  5. Long Term Residuals

    Alfa GTA
    What do you guys think are the long-term residual prospects for 147 GTA's? Clearly in the after 25 years plus bracket, they will be true classics, and will command values accordingly. However I am thinking about the 10-20 year bracket. How do you think they will stand up, given that you can...
  6. GT Residuals

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello Folks, I'm new to these pages and have already posted seeking advice about which used GT to buy ('Help Deciding Required, below). Have had some responses in 'introduce yourself' section so thanks for that. Just wondering what the current price for a 2004 GT 1.9 JTD at its most basic level...
  7. Glasses Brera Residuals

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All Just got my copy of Auto express and found a small piece on Alfa. They say that things are on the up at Alfa Romeo and as a consequence so are the residuals. Glasses guide now post the residual value of the Brera at 59% after three years. The article says this beats most of its rivals...
  8. Residuals

    General Alfa Discussion
    Guys, I`ve been looking in the usual car mags lately and was quite pleased to see that the residuals on Alfas had been given a "hike" based on 3 yrs and 36K thay were quoting 51% for the diesel GT and 53% for the diesel Brera. Does anyone know what these figs. Are based on, are they calculated...
  9. GT residuals / depreciation

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Apparently (according to my dealer) GT residuals are looking really good. After 1 yr, the car is holding 74% of it's value - that's the best in it's class - beats the BWM 3-series, Audi TT, RX-8 and the Merc small coupe!!! :lol: My dealer showed me an internal memo to all Alfa UK sales force...
  10. Rock Solid Residuals....? Go Italian

    General Motoring Discussion
    Read in my favourite comic (AutoFord) this week. Dude bought himself a Beemer 540i estate in 2002 for £46,000 (don't ask me.. my house cost less than that). Trade in offered by dealer, 2004 - £20,000. Dude is rather despondent "My new one is going to be the 535 - they hold onto their value...
  11. GTA Residuals

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Views on the future residuals of the 156GTA? Do u think the car will keep good value as their is a limited supply, or do u think it can suffer like the standard models? Views Cheers ElTigro
  12. How much does a prang effect residuals ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm getting my 156 back on Saturday after a £4K+ repair job (Vauxhall Corsa decided to run into the back of me while I was stood still in a jam on the A1 shoving me into a Golf) The Vauxhall driver held his hands up so it's not effecting my no claims or anything and I can claim for compensation...