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repair or refurb

  1. Alfa Mito *For Sale* non runner, advice appreciated!

    Alfa MiTo
    My beloved mito (09 1.3 JTDM veloce ~85k) has finally let me down! Turbo failed on the A2 driving home the other night. I had it recovered to a a mechanically minded friend who repaired the turbo, oil and filter change, cleaned intercooler etc in the hope there was no internal damage. A...
  2. Its finally time to get my wheels refurb'd

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So its been a loveley sunny day today and as such I took my baby to my preferred hand car wash, where they dont use any chemicals on my car and essentially just do what I would do over the space of a day in 20 mins or less (inc a full polish with SRP). After they had worked their magic I...
  3. Any ideas of (synchromesh) gearbox repair/refurb costs?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    The synchromesh has gone on second gear which i know is common but i'd like to get it fixed. I'm guessing that when it's off a full refurb will probably be needed so anyone had this done, any ideas of cost? thanks