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    So what is people view of this Renault Megane
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Don't know whether anyone can help me ... but I can't find the ODB port on my wifes '04 Renault Scenic ... I could just buy the haynes manual ... but that would be far too easy ...
  3. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi fellas (and girls), it's true I'm in a renault, 2.0 coupe, little hook for my handbag and tray for the lippy! The sele will be up for sale when I get the starting sorted apparently (according to her indoors). Driving the coupe is really really awful!! No-one is saying 'is that your renault...
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    Due to some 'agreement' between Direct Line and our local Renault garage 'her who must be obeyed' ended up with a Clio whilst her pranged Honda was in for repairs. Luckily in 10 days I only had the misfortune to drive the pile o' sh*t once but it was enough. It was old shape but on a 57 plate...
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    Nostalgia trips are great...especially if you're not paying the fare... RENAULT 5 gordini turbo Photos, RENAULT 5 gordini turbo Images - Show Off Your Car but i think this still looks great :cool: g
  6. International Motor Sport Can of worms part II. Still, if the Renault has no McLarens "parts" on it they will have nothing to worry about :p ;)
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    Me quite likes!! :eek: Haven't really been a renault fan, although I've always had a soft spot for the Alpine A110 & A310s. I quite like the lines of this concept (sans bling/doors etc). The rear is quite DB9 meets Alfa GT :D. The front made me think it was a beefed up Fiat Coupe concept...
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    A booted Clio Supposedly the best selling model... ... in Turkey. :vomit:
  9. General Motoring Discussion
    I know we are on an Alfa website, but I thought i'd let everyone know about a free day out. Donington 8th & 9th of September Renault motorsport : Clio Cup, Megan Cup, Fomula Renault, Formula 1 demonstration, it's a good day of motorsport. Also funfair, paddock entry, trade stands, museum...
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    Apparently its bigger than the previous one; but 15kg's lighter - why couldn't Alfa have done that with the 159??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: : Renault Laguna
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    I was driving down to work this morning and looked in the mirror to see a pristeen example of an '88 Renault GTA V6 Turbo in my mirrors:inlove: I pulled on to the hard shoulder to allow him to cruise past and hear the burble of that 6pot. We both tootled up the road and I flashed the lights at...
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    Hi, does anyone on here have a Renault Espace? Was chatting to my Brother in law and he mentioned the difficulty they had with getting a wiper blade for the passenger side. They went to halfords who claim they do the drivers side, rear but not the passenger side! How weird is that? They even...
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    Suppose someones already posted this, if so apologise for being lazy! They referred very favourably to Alfa's response to addressing customers concerns over bonnet security. Emphasised how Alfa had notified people, examined vehicles etc. etc. Aren't finished with Renault yet, looking forward to...
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    As I came out from buying cat food at Sainsbury's this morning I found that a new Renault Sports Megane had parked behind my GTV, so I thought I'd have a quick look at it. It was in Renault blue, with F1 stickers at strategic points around its body. I don't think the black spoked alloys suited...
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    Found this on the internet tonight.Its not photoshopped,its a real working car.Mad or what? :eek: :eek: I like the Braid super deep split rims. If theres a fatter/wider Clio out there,then Id like to see it.Brakes are pretty impressive too.Tarox big 8 pot calipers and floating discs to...
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    Anyone heard much about these, might consider as a replacement for my 147 in 12 months or so.
  17. General Alfa Discussion
    I think it's damn ugly but what do you guys think of it? Anyone taken one for a drive? I am considering one as a daily driver as they are cheap 2nd hand (new model) and have great performance specs on paper. I know it's not an Alfa... so bring on the flames! :)
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    The Megane has been given 5 stars by EuroNCAP. This is a good thing, because maybe the car needs it since it is likely it will be in more accidents then usually: Renault has contacted the Vehicle Inspectorate and is in talks with its engineering team in France amid fears that passengers could...
  19. General Motoring Discussion Just two comments: (1) Alfa should be doing a car like this (2) The windscreen needs to be a bit more steeply raked Fiat have the Barchetta, why can't Alfa have a baby spider? - JJM
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    For the dutchies, belgians and g wink : Next week the 147 GTA will take up a fight with the Renault Clio V6. It will be a fantastic fight! I hope :D