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    Just taken delivery of a demo at work for two weeks because we've put in chargers. It's quite a pretty little thing. Fully electric for those not aware of the car. Relatively cheap costing mid-teen £k's and you lease the batteries for a modest monthly fee so there's no renewal, disposal or...
  2. South Africa
    I reckon being Alfa fans some of us will have a soft spot for the other overlooked brands in SA as well like Renault. I think the new Clio looks fantastic ! Much better than most of the Japanese / Korean offerings. Well priced too starting at R149 999.
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    Initially I thought this was a nice looking car, premium looking. Then I got closer to it and realised that the rear diffuser wasn't actually a diffuser (functional or not) but just plastic with lines drawn it in. A lot of the car is like that, looks stylish, but on closer inspection are just...
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    Comp to win a ZE Renault "Twizy" - Twizy Attitude - Renault UK You might want to opt out of further mailings from "Attitude" though :eek:
  5. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As I have a 700 mile trip to make over the next few days, I wanted to sort the thermostat problem before I went. Sadly by the time I was paid none of the suppliers could get one to me before I go due to christmas etc, so until I can get the proper thing I thought I would try the Renault 5 fix...
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    For the new Clio, it would appear that Renault have taken the old model, punched it in the face: Then grafted on the side profile of the Seat Léon: Added a touch of Seat Ibiza to the rear: Slapped a massive mobile phone on the dashboard: I'm not sure if they removed the clock...
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    i know that this is from Renault TV, so there's a lot of saccharine-laced self congratulation, but there are some fascinating insights into the history of the R5 here, its engineering, and how social needs drove its development. There are some excellent explanations about the emerging female...
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    Quick and dirty, the new Alpine Concept Some Numbers. 3.5l V6 400hp 422nm 880kg and some pron. Renault Alpine A110-50 concept test drive - YouTube
  9. South Africa
    Hottest Mégane yet unleashed in SA - IOL Motoring | holee cow, 2.5bar
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    the advert. don't get it. Looks just like a Clio to me :( ;) :)
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    Im not sure if it is appropriate to try to diagnose problems with other manufacturers of cars on here but i will do anyway:rolleyes::lol: When driving her car i get a grinding noise coming from the running gear when at about 40mph and decreasing in speed, i went to quick fit and one of their...
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    Following on from the talk about the 'How many left' web site I was thinking I would love to own one of the last of a car. When I passed my test I lusted over a Renault 5 Gordini but coudn't afford it. I would love to go out and buy one of the last registered examples, keep on the road so the...
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    There was only ever going to be one winner :D Had the legs on it on the straights but there was no way i could shake it off through the twisties, like a bloody go kart! :eek: Fun times :)
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    Thought i might ask on here. Someone I know has a problem with their renault traffic van. Its a 2005 1.9 DCI and its developed a serious problem with changing gear and rocking. You can hardly get it into any gear and it makes a nasty noise from the clutch area until you depress the clutch. The...
  15. South Africa
    Hi guys, I stopped at the Engen garage on the R21 next to a very nice new Renault Megan Sport.. Nice looking car.. As I walked into the Woolworths shop at the garage I saw two guys with "Team Renault" shirts on.. I continued to get a few things from woolies. As I walked back to my car the...
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    Our valeter has an N reg diesel 7 seat Espace for sale, only wants 400 squid for it, kind of a mauve/purple colour, has a tow bar and an MOT....might be handy for someone :)
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    Thought some people may be interested in these:
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    Love Renault too - R17 a fave. :)
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    With apologies to David_P who gave me that piece of advice in another thread, but sorry I just couldn't do it.. I test drove a Giulietta Cloverleaf, and had *almost* finally decided to get the 1.4 TB multi-air veloce instead, when thoughts of the little French car kept popping into my head...
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    I was asked to do some crowd marshalling at the Renault World Sereis at Silverstone last weekend, and it was great PR for Renault. Although I'd always likes their hit-hatches, I'd never really considered owning one, but I must confess the Megane Coupe RS is really impressive and I came away...