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  1. 156 Hazard Relay J43

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, does anyone know the whereabouts of this relay, it supplies the hazards when the alarm is armed and disarmed. The problem i've got is that the drivers side don't always flash and i'd like to check connections at the relay as driver and passenger are independantly supplied. i...
  2. Can't find Rad Fan Relay

    Alfa 155
    Hi guys, I'm looking at the wiring diagram (thanks Ted) and it indicates that the radiator fan relay (L1) is located near the fusebox. A green relay holder apparently. Before I dismantle the door to look for it there, can anybody tell me where it is? thanks mikel (1997 2.0 16v 155)
  3. Noisy flasher relay

    Alfa 155
    My indicator relay keeps clicking from time to time, usually when the car is cold. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Everything seems to work on the car, it's just a bit annoying.
  4. Heated Window timer relay jobbie

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is the HRW supposed to switch itself off after a certain amount of time? That's the impression I'm getting from this forum but mine has never switched itself off. Usually it's all done inside 5 minutes and I don't like to keep it on if there's nothing for it to do, so I'm not sure if it's on a...
  5. 147 wiper relay

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As a new owner of a 147 I'm interested to know from other 147 owners, when using intermittent wipe if you can hear the wiper relay clicking from behind the dash board (I think it's coming from the fuse box area). I used to have a 156 which didn't have this annoying feature
  6. flasher relay

    Alfa 155
    Hi all, I have quite an annoying problem with the flasher relay, it wont stop clicking in and out as its making contact. The car has been sitting idle for a few months. I fitted a new battery first off, because of a duff cell, but the noise was still there, although did dissapear and return...
  7. Wheres the Rad Fan relay on a 164 ?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    If I remember correctly (I no longer have a 164) there are two rectangular black boxes about 3cm by 9cm mounted on the cross memeber behind the headlights and secured by two white nylon nuts. They contain the headlamp and full beam relays, one of them, passenger side I think has an additional...
  8. fuel pump relay

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi, My '97 146 1.4 TS starts a little hard lately. Seems that the hard starting is related to the hot weather. I suspect the fuel pump relay from being broken. I suppose that during the start cycle there is the fuel pump relay that takes over to run the fuel pump. After the engine is running...
  9. wheres the drivers window control relay on a 145 cloverleaf ?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hey folks... Whilst its mainly nice & sunny here there was a cheeky thunderstorm today, and the fact that my 145 doesnt now want to close its driver side window means things are a bit awkward.. theres a strange clicking sound, as if it thinks the window is already up.. if it does come up a...
  10. Indicator Relay on its Own Way

    Alfa 155
    Hi, my TD 2.5 surprises me with yet another Alfa gremlin: Sometimes the indicator relay is ticking rapidly while driving, the indicators are not flashing as well as the dashboard light. Turning the indicators on makes the relay work normal, it returns to the normal ticking interval, also the...
  11. elec heater vent relay?

    Alfa 155
    :( Hi guys, just a quick q. ive got an elec heater system and can anyone tell me if there's a relay/fuse that controls the motors that change the direction of the airflow? ive taken the motors off and tested them and they're ok. Doesn't make much sense i know but hopefully someone knows what im...
  12. Q4 water spray relay?

    Alfa 155
    Hi everyone, Couple of months back - while doing research on the model - I stumbled across an article that told how to activate the water spray function in 155 Q4. Back then I did not own this kind of car, so I did mark it up. After that I went and bought one, and now I don't seem to find that...
  13. Relay clicking noise 147 ?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have my 147 for 1.5 week now, and driven it for about 2200 km. :cool: Every few seconds I hear something clicking in the fuse box, like a relay/relais. eek! What is this? Is it normal? Can it be the automatic airco? Anyone has a clue? Appreciate your remarks!