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  1. Recomend me a good smart repairer.

    North East
    Needing you lot to recomend me a good stone chip paint guy and dent doctor in the Tees valley area. Ta. :)
  2. can anyone recomend MVC garage in sale manchester

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
  3. can people recomend a decent garage for repairs? x

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    just basically looking for somewhere i can take my car and leave without having to pull my pants up as i pass through the door?! :eek:
  4. black GTV anyone recomend me a good person in wolverhampton area for detailing ???

    Car Detailing
    aproximate costs anyone want to guess ???
  5. Recomend a good starter toolkit.

    Republic of Ireland
    I was looking at this one but i don't know if it's any use. The tools are probably shite. Buy Challenge Xtreme 300 Piece Mechanics Set. at Your Online Shop for .
  6. GT upgrade Brakes, Disks & Pads, What do you recomend?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    As above: Im down to 10% on my pads and Disks are groved. I have been dissapointed with the breaking of the GT. my other car is a Clio 1.2 Dinamic, while the GT is a masive upgrade car from the clio, the braking performance is so poor in comparison ( And seems to get worse the hotter they get...
  7. recomend a head unit for me

    ICE & Blue&Me
    I have a facelift interiour 156. I have a bugget of £150, it needs to match the silver dash, have red illumination and be compatible with the steering controls. And have good radio reception as the standard headunit is pants. I was thinking of a blaupunkt mp56 casablanca...
  8. recomend insurance please

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Can anyone recomend a 'specialist' insurer for someone with many points(8) and a claim that was my fault? I'm with Sainsburys at the mo but they wouldn't be able to insure me with my shiney new points.
  9. Can anyone recomend a good sprayer in east london

    General Alfa Discussion
    looking for a really good spray shop as Im getting a new rear bumper and side grills for my GTV.
  10. recomend an Alfa Specialist?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi New to this - so please bear with me, my alfa 156 is intermittently misfiring on cyl 2, cars been in 4 times to a particuler garage nr Lincoln with very limited (no) success. Can anyone recommend an alfa specialist in or close to Lincoln, I really want to get this sorted as I cant have my...
  11. Can anyone recomend......

    General Alfa Discussion
    a cheap place for exhausts? The rear section of my exhausht on 96 P1 GTV corroded and totaly sheared off! Kwick-Fit want nearly £200 quid for just that section and they'll probably "suggest" changing the whole thing while its there!! :tut: I've found a whole system online for about £300 so...
  12. what speakers can anyone recomend for a GTV

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello cheked the previous threads on this and none are particularly up to date. my phase 2 has had the head unit changed to a cheapish Blaupunkt [?] unit and the rear speakers are infinity's. however the sound is still just sort of OK. have seen the suggestions for fitting 6.5" front...
  13. Recomend an independent Alfa garage near Liverpool?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone care to recommend an independent Alfa garage near Liverpool? :o
  14. what oil do u recomend?

    Alfa 155
    the car has done 106000 miles! what oil do u recomend i should use? i need to know the w and should i use semy sinthetic or what???
  15. What tyres do you recomend

    General Alfa Discussion
  16. Mobil 1. Anyone recomend it

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi folks. Time is coming round for my Bella's lube change.Is it worth spending the beer vouchers on Mobil 1. Anyone any other recomendations? [IMG] Cheers