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  1. Recent Alfa purchase, was bound to happen

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I've recently bought an Alfa Mito 135 distinctive, not my first Italian car but the first Alfa. However given my family history I was always likely to end up with one at some point... My dad owned several minis in his youth, but when my mum was expecting me he needed something bigger and...
  2. My recent purchase - 156 2.5 V6 SW Veloce

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    Hello! Picked up my first Alfa for 20 years (had a 145 Cloverleaf as a young lad that decided to throw a rod through the engine block) and i'm loving it! Only 75k on the clock and the paint is in great condition apart from a 10p size patch of bubbling on the roof. Sure it's a wee bit nose heavy...
  3. Recent buy Brera 2.4 jtd 210

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    Hello all. Just purchased my third alfa. First a 156 then a 147. Recently sold my bmw 330i to buy my first Brera. Great looking car and its a tick of my wish list. Had now for 3 days and carried out a full service including plug change. Unexpected bonus that it had a K and N filter in too ...
  4. Any recent experience with

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi All, Recently bought a 159 ti and looking to upgrade the headunit with a chinese one as i had done in my previous fiat. As i'd seen a fair few references to Navall on this forum with some positive feedback I decided to purchase a headunit from there on the 1st November. After initially...
  5. ...Another recent 916 Spider Owner.

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    Hi all, This is my Wife's car , bought it last June from a forum member, absolutely lovely little car. Have had the rear resprayed as the rear bumper needed tidying & the boot lid, great car & credit to its former owner who spent a fortune on it.:thumbu p:
  6. Alfa 156 Sportwagon 1.9JTD * MOT Jan 2019 * NEW TYRES * RECENT CLUTCH

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, folks. Selling the 156 JTD.... Jan 2017 had genuine Alfa clutch & flywheel, genuine front wishbones, genuine handbrake cables, genuine rear trailing arm pivot both sides. Has just had brand new tyres and an oil and filter and a new battery. All work - except tyres - carried out by Mick...
  7. Long time admirer, recent new owner (MiTo content)

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    Hello all, Having owned an R56 MINI Cooper Hatch for the last few years, a recent trip to the garage revealed a long list of future repair tasks that would soon result in me paying out more for upkeep than the car was worth (clutch had limited travel remaining, tyres, brakes, thermostat leaking...
  8. Lack of recent Mito reviews

    Alfa MiTo
    I suppose this has been done to death, but of all the UK frequent posters of reviews on YouTube on cars there are virtually none within the last year or two for the Mito, so difficult to gage opinions on newer versions. Yes there may be written reviews, but of the filmed reviews, they go back...
  9. Pollen Filter and recent 18000 service

    Alfa Giulietta
    Seeing the recent thread on replacing the pollen filter prompted me to do it for the second time this morning, pollen filter that is! Had a spare in the garage so went to work...not so supple as I once was and struggled a bit, even with the piece of wood cut to hold the clutch pedal down, called...
  10. Recent suggestions, rear parking sensors

    Alfa MiTo
    Hiya, my OH and I have just bought a lovely 11 plate Mito Cloverleaf but alas it doesn't have rear parking sensors! I've seen old threads with a couple of recommendations, just wondered if anyone had more recent successful after-market fittings of rear parking sensors? Thanks!
  11. Autodelta Recent remaps / Brera 3.2 Recent remaps

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hello all I've secured a Brera 3.2 S, have a Brera 2.4 oil burner at moment (love it to!). I've searched the boards but can't really find and recent reports/post about Autodelta remaps. However I did find this post back in 2012 reporting a remap gone bad (link will anchor to post in...
  12. AlfaStumper Recent Dealings

    Alfa GTA
    Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any recent dealings with AlfaStumper? I was looking at a couple of items and inquired about shipping costs to Australia. I haven't herd anything and it's been over 2 weeks, not sure if I am willing to give someone my money if they can't reply to an email...
  13. Anyone with recent Alfa eper?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm after a new bit of trim on my car, the old Fiat forum eper suggested the following: 60672103 70523/01 BUSH 0.41 156032409 70523/01 COVERING 6.49 This is for a GTA SW. Are these numbers right for the rear end covering trim of the roof headlining? Plus the plastic bits that go in the...
  14. 2007 Alfa GT Blackline for sale. Extensive Servicing. Recent Clutch, Cambelt & Wpump

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    2007 Alfa GT Blackline for sale. Extensive Servicing. Recent Clutch, Cambelt & Wpump Hi all. I'm selling my girlfriend's cherished Alfa GT Blackline.. changes in life mean the GT is no longer practical and we need to get a 4 x 4 having spent a small fortune sorting it out over the last 8 month...
  15. Some crap pics from my recent holidays

    Non Motoring Images
    Hope you like them.
  16. GTV TS 2.0. Recent Engine Stall.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    The beloved GTV 1999 stalled and now will not turn over. Are there any suggestions? Cam belt seems ok. Should I just get a new engine on ebay? Probably going to be selling the V3 GTV number plate, does anyone know of a good home? Thanks.
  17. recent brera remap

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I've had my 07 Brera 2.2JTS for a week now, it was remapped a year so by HRG Cheshire, but I don't know what the remap focused on. I still have control and hesitation at around 1800rpm..could it be it was remapped for fuel economy but not flat spot? Or maybe the remap was wiped. I've checked...
  18. 159 suspension bushes... Recent mot...

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi! Just wondering how difficult it is to change the NSF/OSF suspension arm rubber bush on my 159 Ti and at what cost? Piccadilly have quoted £1089.05 and this seems outrageous for a bit of rubber, I'm assuming there is more to this job other than me just being fleeced? Can anyone advise on a...
  19. recent diagnostics after p0238

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just came back from local alfa specialist anddiagnostics says - replace egr and map sensor (egr stuck open and map toomuch carbon). So i went to and see these two matching with my number plate. MASTERPRO EGR Valve Part Number: 424510011 Bosch MAP Sensor Part Number...
  20. Recent Graduate to 159 needs some advice

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, I've just stepped out of my 156 TS and into a 159 JTDm SW. As expected I've got issues already and I'm hoping you stellar forum folks can give me some pointers. Serious knocking noises over bumps, hard to place where from in the cabin but I'm pretty sure it's the front upper wishbones as...