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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    So i like to think of myself as an honest kind of chap. I always call things as they are good or bad. Just my nature. I spend a fortune on my cars. Improving making stronger, faster with the best parts i can. I am in no doubt my modified GT cloverleaf is a great all round package that brings a...
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    I've just had a look at the Peugeot RCZ website :inlove: The only problem with the car is that even the 200bhp version isn't that fast; however, when a car looks that good who cares :lol: The interior looks superb too :cool: If only it has an Alfa badge on the front :lol:
  3. General Motoring Discussion
  4. General Motoring Discussion
    I rather like this modern take on the small coupé. A major departure for Peugeot and all the better for it. This is the first Peugeot I have seen since the 205 1.9 GTi that actually makes me actually feel a slight stir of desire! PistonHeads Headlines Thoughts?
  5. General Motoring Discussion
    Interesting looking concept from Peugeot. The first decent looking Peugeot since the 205 GTI? Or not :lol:
1-5 of 6 Results