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  1. Ratling noise

    Alfa 155
    Hi everyone, maybe someone could help, i own an alfaromeo jts 2004 and when the temp gets yo normal it makes a noise like a deisel emgine and when i change gears it sometimes make a noise which i think something in tje valves
  2. Ratling 159

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi to all, My 159 is only 6 months old and up to now I have two major problems with my beuty. The first one which is happening evry other day, is when I try to shift up a gear the car accepts it and then shifts it back. This happens only from the padles. The second one which is very annoying is...
  3. Ratling Front Armrest

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi there, Does anybody know how to either remove, or tighten up the front arm rest attached to the driver's seat. Mine's come loose, and it's rattling around :mad: do you get to the mountings? Thanks, Mark. :)