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  1. The Technology Section
    Dudes, I've persevered with the bas*ard but I just don't like it. :D Additionally some older applications and games that used to work on Windows-XP now don't (although I didn't try them all on Win-7 to be honest, so the "not working" could be a 64 bit issue generally). I can't back it out...
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    Now it struck me the other day... :D If someone at AR had too much time on their hands and a high quality but just-out-of-production (aka "Brera") platform doodah lying about doing nothing... They'd wants to get more mileage out of all that development cost, I would have thought. They have a...
  3. Alfa MiTo
    I priced "Nuvolari" up on the configurator. Techno grey (silver) Veloce 155 with a black dash and natural seats. Tinty windows The 18" alloys The Bose woof-woof Alu' pedals The side graphics... :D The roof graphics... :D :D The heated window (sits out in the frost and daily driver...
  4. Motoring Images Sorry for posting a link and not the photos! Toby. :)
  5. Poll Room
    A guy I used to work with has phoned me up.. wants to give me job :D I'm in a bit of a dilemma so I thought I would farm it out to the Alfisti hordes. My present job is "okay". It's comfy, quite glamorous (I get to travel around the world a fair bit) and I'm reasonably good at it. Wages...
  6. Poll Room
    We all know about the JD Power and Top Gear "reliability" (actually satisfaction) surveys but I never been convinced about the subjectivity of the owners carrying out the survey, or indeed the weighting that equates the quality of the ownership experience vs. the perception of reliability. E.g...
  7. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    147 2.0 Lusso in silver. 17" Sport alloys (not S/Sport) Sport (i.e. not Momo) leather. What's the best price for one of these and where can I get it from? I'll see how the loan repayments look next to my car allowance (if it materialises in the new year - I know, I know...). Ralf S.
1-7 of 7 Results