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  1. Alfa Giulietta
    Hello everyone! Is there any way to get icons or voice warnings of speed cameras on the Giuliettas 2010 navigation? Or any way to modify the software/maps to have that feature? Thanks!
  2. Alfa Giulia
    Having issues finding somewhere to get wheel alignment done around Surrey area. I have been getting serviced at Monza Sport, they declined to carry out at last service. Found a 3D 'state of the art' wheel alignment place called Tutts of Dorking. At first attempt where Giulia was not set up on...
  3. Alfa GTA
    Just wondering if anyone has any coresponance with them recently? The guys offering the supercharger kits. They aren't replying to messages on their Facebook page!
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Antibes, France to Grenoble, France - Google Maps :p:p:p:p So off the autoroute the 1750 has much more available power in the 50-90kph range and is real fun to blatt past 2-3 cars where the 2.2 could only manage 1-2 for similar gaps in on-coming traffic. :thumbs:
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    As title says, Hot Giulietta targets Golf GTI -
  6. ICE & Blue&Me
    Trying to find one that will do all three, have got a tom tom which will show most fixed camera's but after being nabbed by a Mobile Van in North Wales (cheers Mr Brunstrom :rant: ) need to be able to pick these up as I'm running out of points! What's the best one to go for?.... have been...
  7. ICE & Blue&Me
    I surfed the web looking for a good combined unit that is a good sat nav, but also warns re fixed site cameras and the like and importantly warns re: mobile laser and radar sites. The two units that seem to meet my needs are: 1. Road Angel 9000 with laser detection unit 2. Snooper sapphire...
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all Thinking of investing in a dector - plenty on ebay (nice and cheap) but can they be relied on? I'm not really a boy racer but do like to stretch her legs once in a while - what do you think? ps - fairly new and loving the site!!
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Free Fixed Radar Download (4 France) This site seems to offers free Basic GPS (POI) downloads for fixed Radars in France. Support for a number of GPS systems. (There is a premium service for other stuff.) In French, but fairly straight forward...
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    Hey folks, anyone help...??? So I recently got my second set of 3 points and not particularly wanting to lose my license, decided it would be a godd idea to get hold of a snooper. I opted for the S6-R Neo, my resoning being, if I was going to trust this thing, I should probably get one of the...
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    Hello. Does anyone use, or have any experience with one of the "accident blackspot" detector things, which also conveniently tell you where fixed radar sites are?? I'm on about Road Angel , Origin Blue , Geodesy etc. etc. :confused:
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi chap I am getting a bit upset with all the road traps in my city which is the test bed for all types of cash raising devices for the local plod. Now i am no speed demon in and around town but i am tired of jamming on the brakes and then checking my speed and people infront doing the same...
  13. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi,does anyone have any experience with the ESP backup radar sold on ao?I would like to buy this radar or any other similar product cause I'm having real trouble with the distance when driving backwards in my 147 sometimes.Specialy when parking and i think there is no more space it always turns...
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    Verbod radarverklikkers in oktober van kracht Uitgegeven: 31 januari 2003 08:50 AMSTERDAM - Het bezit en de verkoop van apparatuur die waarschuwt voor snelheidscontroles wordt naar verwachting vanaf oktober 2003 verboden. Dat meldt het Algemeen Dagblad. Politie en justitie ergeren zich al...
  15. General Alfa Discussion
    <blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<hr /><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by Jamie and the magic torch: <strong>in an ideal world there would be 1 unit that has both systems built in</strong><hr /></blockquote><font...
  16. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    For the Dutchies (to stay on the legal side); I'm almost buying a Target EUR 550, but have to make sure it will work... Does the windshield of 147 jam the signal for radar detectors, or can I use a window-fitted detector. :cool: I have heard people saying some windshield will block radar...
1-16 of 16 Results