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  1. Alfa Arna Racer

    Motoring Images
    Build in 1983, this is a rare Alfa Romeo Arna with a 1500ti engine suitable for trackdays or competion. :eek:
  2. GTV6 Racer not starting.

    Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    Hi guys, I think most of you already know me now. I'm having a slight problem. My Race car is not starting for some reason. It will crank over and sometimes start, but it wont stay on. It turns off almost immediatly. When I turn the key to the 2nd position before starting, no lights come up...
  3. Giulia Racer At NAD

    General Alfa Discussion
    Did anyone take a photograph of the beige stripped out Giulia at NAD? It had a spec sheet in the window that listed a 2 litre engine and 170 bhp. I forgot to get a pic myself. Doh!
  4. Enzo racer

    General Motoring Discussion
    Oh boy!! :eek:
  5. shock- boy racer type likes 155

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was waiting in the queue to pay at the local A1 motor store in Rochdale when 1 of the 3 spotty boy racer type lads said "that alfa's nice" pointing to mine in the car park. Even more astonihing was he said "yeah that 155". Didn't think the youth if today would know what a 155 is. Their...
  6. GTA and Racer

    Motoring Images
    Just got a new digi camera and learning how to use it... instruction book looks more like a Yellow Pages so i'm not feeling brave enough to look at it yet... learning by trial and error :confused: !!! Pics are of my Dad's 1600 GTA road car and my race car.. First race Castle Combe on Monday...
  7. Alfasud/33 based racer for sale.

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Minari/Alfa road-legal racing car for sale. Very successful carbon-fibre sports car based on Alfa mechanicals. Highly modified in all areas but still a great drive on the road.Quicker around a circuit than a Ferrari 360. Full spec and price (with a picture) is on in...
  8. Gary Marshall (AROC racer)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone have a contact for this guy ??? Apparently he used to make Vertical Assembly kits for the Silverstone spoiler and splitters etc. Marlon