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  1. Leases quotes - Heads up

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi guys Just a heads up for this looking to lease a Giulia via Leasys. I collected my car today and only just found out that the excess mileage charge on my original dealer quote was exclusive of VAT - all other prices not eh quote included VAT but no where did it say that the excess mileage...
  2. Weird insurance quotes

    General Motoring Discussion
    I've just been checking out insurance quotes and something very weird is happening this year... Prices per year for cars I currently have, or am thinking about having: £x50 - Peugeot 306 roadster (2.0 16v 135 bhp, 0-60 10.1 sec, top speed 125mph, still pretty common) £x61 - Peugeot 306...
  3. Rubbish bumper sticker quotes

    General Motoring Discussion
    I was following/stuck behind a Land Rover defender today and he had a sticker on the back saying 'Your crash stops here' which is kind of funny in a way that the car will stop there but the energy from the crash will be transferred to the his spine. Any way anyone know or actually have any funny...
  4. insurance quotes with modified car

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    So my insurance is due on the 20th May I've been quoted £330 on my 147JTDm but when I declared that I have changed the suspension (coilovers) it's now boosted to £576 anyone else found the mega increase after mods added
  5. Phone Quotes v Comparison Sites

    Insurance Section
    Phone Quotes v Comparison Sites I often hear members say things like "Yeah, but you won't be able to compete with the price comparison sites will you? - I mean they're just so cheap". And my response is this... Actually we're just as likely to beat an online price as any other. It's not a case...
  6. Even lower CK quotes in March it seems

    Insurance Section
    Hi, I was looking at the figures yesterday and it seems this month our average premium is £50 less than last month. Definitely give us a call if you're due in the next 30 days to take advantage of this March Madness. Our guys are itching to work their magic and get you the best deal. March is...
  7. Who is providing competitive insurance quotes?

    Insurance Section
    Noticed the other day a dramatic fall in Admiral share price and had my renewal quote at begining of this month. I have been with Admiral for 6+ years and every year go through the usual time consuming nonsense of ringing around and playing them off against each other. I call the best online...
  8. Dented door, mental quotes to fix...Advice?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi there, So at the cinema a couple of weeks ago returned to my beautiful car only to see that some fat Ba**ard had smashed their door into mine causing an ugly dent, I didnt think it was too bad, a simple pop out job. however I just got a quote from a bodyshop asking for £750!!! :eek: now...
  9. 4C Press Quotes Booklet

    4C & 4C Spider
    Arrived yesterday, about a dozen pages with some nice photography of the 4C and quotes from the motor trade that were particularly complimentary. Numbered the same as the LE I'm getting. Another nice wee bonus to go into the collection.
  10. CHRIS KNOTT - signing up 4 in every 10 quotes again!!

    Insurance Section
    Just to let you know 3 quick but important things: 1. :( Unfortunately, we won't have a forum presence between 17/8 and 1/9 due to holidays 2. :) That doesn't affect our ability to quote - keep calling us for quotes on 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477. 3. :) We have great rates available and...
  11. 4C Insurance Quotes

    4C & 4C Spider
    Anyone started looking into insuring your 4C? Any suggestions other than Adrian Flux to try?
  12. It's that time of year already ....Who is currently top dog for cheap quotes?

    Insurance Section
    Currently with Admiral and awaiting new multi-car quote. 2 cars , my 06 GT1.9Jtdm and my wife's 54 Punto 1.2 .....both bog standard expect a declared diesel tuner in the GT (set to fuel saver mode and not boy racer mode). I have maximum NCB and my wife has almost 5 yrs. Currently paying £600 for...
  13. Insurance quotes

    Alfa GTA
    Always an amusing thread to exchange experiences. Cheapest is £327 - with SS exhaust declared. Pretty pleased with that. Although I might go with Diamond at £347 as their excess is much lower, and they include insurance for my handbag apparently. Cheaper than last year, despite all the recent...
  14. insurance quotes

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    spent thursday afternoon ringing round insurance companies for my 156 v6. after getting sorted with admiral i didn't think anymore of it. just got my morning post and there was a letter from adrian flux. inside was the quote i got sometime thursday, i remember the guy i spoke to saying they...
  15. One of the best quotes i've ever heard !

    General Alfa Discussion
    Simply put... " When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat. " - Henry Ford talking with Ugo Gobbato in 1939
  16. Intersting Insurance quotes

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Insurance renewal time again, thought this year would get some competitive quotes... However.... It would appear that my current insurer LV is coming in £180 cheaper than the following.. Adrian Flux The AA Churchill Admiral Axa Directline There is a good reason it turns out, LV accepts that...
  17. Any quotes please??

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi all,i don't like asking for quotes on here but does anyone know how much it would cost to get a door resprayed, someone has scratched the ****** out of my drivers side door, still don't quite know how, in places its quite deep and through my new red and the previous red under that lol. If...
  18. insurance quotes??

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    am looking at changing insurance companys as mine has increased quite a bit this year :rant: Has anyone had any good cheap quotes? i hear of £85 being mentioned?? Mine is £150 for 5,000mls inc breakdown cover!
  19. Gta insurance quotes!!!

    Alfa GTA
    Tried about ten insurance companies last night that I got from a previous thread. Cheapest I could find is 900. It's painful when I read some of your premiums! I've just got rid of an e60 m5 that I believe is the highest group and was only paying 980 on that. Insured for 3x as much too. Shocking!
  20. Insurance quotes

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    I had my insurance renewal come through the other day, and well all i can say is im shocked. I was previously with Privilage which last years quote was great at just over £500. this year they wanted, wait for it............................................. £1000 :wow: My misses was insured with...