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  1. Misano Blu paint quality

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi. We are considering a MY2020 Giulia Veloce 280 in Misano Blu. How durable is this colour and how is the paint quality in general?
  2. Android Auto optimized for audio quality?

    Alfa Giulia
    I don't profess to be an audiophile but I do appreciate good high quality audio and have long since discarded all my mp3 files in favour of FLAC and Spotify has been swapped out for Tidal in order to stream Lossless audio. Now, via Bluetooth Tidal is wasted as the compression that takes place...
  3. Best source for quality top wish bone at a good price at the moment.

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    As the title says really ...where is the cheapest place to get a left upper wishbone for a late (so the different taper) 159? Lots on ebay seem to be selling one type for all years....we all know that wont work. Want a branded one...rather than a no name Chinese one. Meryle, Borg and Beck or TRW...
  4. Does anyone know where to get a good quality air intake pipe?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys. My air intake is splitting and has a hole where it connects to the engine. Need a new one. Can anyone recommend a good supplier of either original or good aftermarket ones? I hear that a lot of the ones online are not good.. Part no. 60658050 Edit: It's for a 2001 ph2 Twin Spark 150...
  5. Where can I buy quality and cheap parts?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Friends, where can I buy quality and cheap parts?)
  6. Sound quality 166 ICS and Loudlink

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Ok, so now I've tried a lot of things that won't require me to buy an aftermarket sound processor. I have now finished the first part of my sound install in the 166. Basically I am running a high quality kit-system from Hertz in the front with a 2-channel Rockford fosgate amp. I have two 8-inch...
  7. Build quality. Time to look under the bonnet, too?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Guys, Not sure where I'm going with this, but... Much has been said/written about build quality over the years, often in the context of paint finish, assembly and quality of materials used on the body and interior. Today I was looking at pictures of a new car from a manufacturer that has a...
  8. Ride quality with different size wheels

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Does anyone have experience of the change in ride quality of a 166 2.0ts with 225/45/17 all round when compared with one fitted with 205/55/16, please? Will the speedo read correctly if I substitute the 16"s for the 17"s, both of which are specified alternatives for the car? I'm assuming the...
  9. Giulia/Stelvio interior quality

    Alfa Giulia
    So I've posted this in the Stelvio forum too, but considering the Giulia and Stelvio essentially share the same interior, it's equally worth discussing here... I'd just like to begin by saying...
  10. Alfa Quality Better Than BMW!!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Just got my wife's 159 ti back from the my local independent garage having had a full service, resigned to them me it required new pads and possibly discs as its done 68k on the original discs and pads. Couldn't believe it when they said it had another 6K - 10k miles left in the pads and no...
  11. Quality control.

    Alfa Giulia
    I know there was a post about this recently but can't find it. Apparently our 2.2 super sport has been held at the factory, was built 2 weeks ago. No explanation forthcoming. Anybody able to shed some light on it ? :curse:
  12. Quadrifoglios held at factory on quality block

    Alfa Giulia
    My car has been listed as status 20, that is to say, built, since Jan 20th but has failed to make further progress. Two days ago I received the following email from my dealer :- "I have spoken with vehicle supply this morning who have confirmed that your Quadrifoglio and another Quadrifoglio...
  13. where to buy high quality seat covers for 946 Spider ?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Good morning folks, To help out a friend in Italy with a newly purchased 946 Spider, can anyone suggest/recommend where to purchase high quality cloth seat covers for his spider ? He's a UK expat and often over here on business and holiday. He's not interested in £20 covers on ebay - looking...
  14. Carpet quality..

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    We need a new set of carpets for our Giulia Ti. Any recommendations? All the usual suppliers have them with some more £££ than others, don't mind paying the extra if the quality is better...hate cheap car carpet!
  15. Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality. Section
    Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality. Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available. The magnet is secured in place with a proprietary 2 step process and will never come out...
  16. looking for a quality interior fitter WEST SUSSEX or Hants

    Car Detailing
    Hi all, I am a brand new member of this forum. I'd like some assistance in getting my 2 Alfa 105 Sprints into tip top condition. The cars come from South Africa, and are really clean, and rust free. Paintwork is new, suspension , steering etc have all been overhauled, engines and gearboxes are...
  17. Interior putting me off GT. Poor quality?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, I'm thinking about changing my 159 for a GT but I'm being put off by the quality of the interior. I've driven 2 of them now and they are lovely to drive. But both of them had very ropey looking interiors. The thing I noticed most was the electric window control panel which looked really...
  18. Alfa Build Quality

    Alfa Giulietta
    So, 7500 miles in on a brand new Giulietta, love the looks and the Alfa image but slowly but surely the build quality is showing its true self. Dash buzzes, door Buzzes, headline buzzes and now rear seat near side squeaking every time I go over a minor bump in the road. I've unzipped it and...
  19. 147 to Mito... Not impressed with interior build quality! Talk to me...

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi guys Been pondering over the idea of swapping my 147 DC for a Mito cloverleaf. I'm yet to try a Cloverleaf so can't comment on the engine or performance. But I'm here to talk about the interior, the one I sat in today was a 1.4 TB veloce. I straight away noticed that the interior was in no...
  20. Digital Music (High Quality)

    The Technology Section
    I have spent about a week in man hours over the last two months trialling and testing various high end digital music solutions for one reason or another. By digital music I mean computer based music played via a hi-fi or listened to on proper headphones at home (or other fixed location) not on...