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  1. Puncture

    Alfa Giulia
    i lost 0.8 psi on rear drivers side when i moved my car yesterday since last use at weekend. went to esso and topped up to 2.2 again, and will check again when back from work tonight, no visible signs of nail/screw that i could see causing it. annoying as was using it over BH. if its gone down...
  2. Puncture

    Alfa Giulia
    Think i may have slow puncture will find out in morning but currently in Devon woukd this be covered by Alfa Top Care? Thanks
  3. Puncture

    Alfa Giulia
    Think i may have slow puncture will find out in morning but currently in Devon woukd this be covered by Alfa Top Care? Thanks
  4. Veloce Puncture Repair Kit / 12v supply for tracker

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi Guys When I collected my car from Unity last week I commented on the lack of a puncture repair kit but was told that the cars are not supplied with one due to having run-flat tires. This makes sense, but I've just noticed that the Alfa configurator shows a "Fix & Go puncture repair kit"...
  5. Space Saver

    Alfa MiTo
    Hello, I hit a pothole and punctured my tyre yesterday and since then have been running around on the space saver...only issue is that the manual doesn't seem to cover if the space saver has a max distance to go with a max speed of 50MPH. Does anyone know if it does, and if so what is it? I'll...
  6. Puncture Repair / Tyre Sealant

    Alfa GTA
    Hi, My 147 GTA doesn't have a spare tyre. As I understand it a spacesaver wouldn't fit over the caliper on a GTA? I also don't appear to have a repair kit (only had the car 2 weeks). Are there any that are particularly recommended or any to avoid? Thanks Phil
  7. How annoying...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    How annoying...! On Saturday I made a 172 mile round trip to Alton Towers and another 85 mile round trip to IKEA at Ashton-Under-Lyne yesterday with no issues. I parked up at home until I had to go out a half hour later only to hear the unmistakeable sound of air escaping from a tyre. There it...
  8. Have puncture, may need new tyres!

    Alfa GTA
    Hopefully its fixable, but if not, who has recently (in last few months) bought tyres that have impressed? I currently have 2x Goodyear efficient grip on the front. Done 20k about 3.5/4mm left, one with a hole in! Grr! And 2x Conti Sport Contact 3 on the back. They are about the same 3.5/4mm...
  9. Dodgy Puncture That Gets Worse ...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Got one of those spindle/pin like objects stuck in one of my back tyres last weekend. Perfectly inserted right through the carcass at 90 degrees to the surface about 20 mm from the edge of the tread- a bit suspcious looking but these things happen. Virtually new tyres with hardly any wear on the...
  10. Puncture

    Alfa MiTo
    Discovered this morning I've got a slow puncture on one of my lovely Pirelli's, and after only 2.5k miles too. Before I swap it for the spare and take the tyre to local tyre shop, is there anything included with my Alfa care package that could make things easier? Anyone I could call to sort it...
  11. Puncture repair

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Simple one this.... What part of the tyre when damaged means you cant get a puncture repair? Is it the side walls? Went to Halfrauds to get some dot 5.1 clutch fluid and came away with a screw in the tyre... Awsome, another day another cost!! Bloody spare wheel has never been used in the cars...
  12. Just got and Punctured 156 2.0 16v Selespeed (2000 W) Love it, Need Some tips

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello Guys I just got my got 156 2.0 16v Selespeed (2000 W) Need Some tips, i just punctured it last night, i have been driving it at SILLY SPEED for last 3 days and 3 nights, i cant stop driving it i love it too much, does anyone know why i may have a puncture and what i should do, Im...
  13. Puncture Woes

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Having spent 3.5 hours waiting for a train into work this morning I idled back to my car to discover a sizeable screw had mated itself to the nearside tyre ... This was accompanied by a constant hissing sound so now running round on the spacesaver - which is very weird and frustrating... The...
  14. Puncture

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hot day, windows open, Green Day very loud on the stereo, about 100kph through the roadworks. Felt a little twitch at the back, put it down to bad surface. Roadworks finish, up to about 130kph going past a truck, very noisy, thought it was the truck! Then realised it was my car. Pulled...
  15. MOT tomorrow and i got 2 puncture!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Bloody typical! Looks like a screwdriver bit sticking out from between the tread. Hope it passes with the spare on :-(
  16. Puncture

    Alfa GTA
    Noticed a very slow leak in a front tyre, and sure enough it has a punctured tire wall. Done less than 3000 miles on the tyres and they are ps2s so not cheap... Does anyone have any thoughts on replacing just one tyre (rather than the two front ones)? Wear is not too bad on the other front...
  17. Car Puncture Repair Kits

    Poll Room
    I recall as a very young boy my mother's uncle andrew repairing a puncture on his daughter's mini motor car.It was a Dunlop repair kit with a length of rubber which looked like licquorice and it was used to plug the hole. I am sure IIRC that later versions used a mushroom type plug which opened...
  18. Puncture Repair Kits

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Does anyone have any experiance with any of these, particularly Ultraseal? Any recommendations?
  19. puncture :(

    General Alfa Discussion
    i arrived home tonight and my low profile tyre has a blooming screw wedged in right on the edge of it :rant: is it poss to fix it or would i have to get a new tyre?? the last tyre cost me £90 so any tips/advice on this would be much appreciated, only had the tyre put on 2 weeks ago:cry:
  20. 156GTA, 330 brakes, and a front tyre puncture...

    Alfa GTA
    Not a great combination :rant: Was going to put space saver on back and put back wheel on front, but in the dark couldn't get the locking wheel nut on the lock nut :cry: so had to resort to that foam :mad: Still - got me home and saved the alloy :eek: Now I need 2 new front tyres (don't...