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  1. Engine Swaps

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    This is purely hypothetical it possible to swap a 1750 TBI engine in for a 2.2 JTS. I've recently taken ownership of a rather lovely Brera S with the 2.2 engine and figure that the ideal Brera is essentially the Prodrive fettled S with its looks and trick suspension matched with the...
  2. SOLD 'As Is' 147 Selespeed MY2007 Located Nr 4300 QLD Australia

    General Classifieds Section
    Are you looking for a new project that won't entirely break the bank or just looking for some useful parts for your true love of your life then look no further! I'm looking to sell this car as is either for parts (of which I'm sure there are many that are useable and useful) or as a project...
  3. Project Shell.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider Might be of interest to someone on here.
  4. Project 2: Giulietta Ignited

    Alfa Giulietta
    I figured it was about time. My 147 GTA is not the only car I am working on, admiteddly it has received the majority of the focus over the last year and a half however I have been doing bits to my 2011 Giulietta Cloverleaf I have settled with now. Given it is my daily driver for the most part...
  5. Father and son project

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome. So, story is I used to have a 147 jtdm. Great car. Not much leg room but I was in the front. It had to go for reasons I won't bore you with. Fast forward to a few months ago my eldest son decided he wanted a 147 too! Great. But there are a few issues and he's...
  6. Dyson abandons car project!

    General Motoring Discussion
    He can’t find a viable way to do his car
  7. Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - New project

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone! I am portuguese and I bought an Alfa 156 GTA from Japan. This car was one of my dreams a few years ago that became real now. I had previously an 156 SW 1.9 JTDm and a 159 SW 2.4. The car is a new project. The car has 104,000km (about 65k miles). Coulor: Black I am doing the...
  8. Alfa 156 1.8 Twinspark Turbo project.. advice on what downpipe?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Greetings friends ! Right now i am collecting some parts for my 156 1.8 Twinspark engine. My plan is to build a turbo upon this engine. I already have a turbo and manifold from an alfa 156 jtd 16v. I would like to have (if there is chance) some small advice on downpipe/the rest of the exhaust...
  9. 156 Project: Gear Knob Recover

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, I'm in the process of attempting to recover my leather 6 Speed gearknob for my car. Just wondering if anyone is interested as I can share the attempt with the rest of the community. Even if there is no interest I will try to update this anyway... And before anyone asks. I have done a...
  10. Hello from Project Slug

    Introduce Yourself
    Good evening to you all. My names Kev and no this is not my first Alfa Romeo. I had a 156 2.0 TS around 9 years ago and due to varying reasons I left the car/Alfa scene. But thanks to an incoming divorce and needing a new car I was finally able to purchase the Alfa I wanted. Attached are...
  11. Fiat + VW = My Fiat Uno Turbo project.

    General Motoring Discussion
    My project car is not for the faint hearted purists, as there is basically nothing left standard. The last addition of parts to the huge stock is a 6-speed DSG DQ250 gearbox, which means that I have to ditch my Omex 600 engine management system and buy this one...
  12. GTV V6 Project

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    While my poor GTV is off the road waiting for a new clutch master cylinder and some sill welding to be done, I decided to get on with other necessary jobs. Rust strikes fear into the owners of older Alfas so apart from the welding I already need doing, I thought it would be wise to start rust...
  13. Alfa romeo 147 GTA selespeed project

    Alfa GTA
    Ok so hello guys this is my first project so sorry about the beginning question After a lot of Thoughts I want to do something to build my dream car (147) with 3.2 GTA engine v6 and I need some help to do this “little dream” to be a real now is the problem I want to do this with selespeed...
  14. 147 GTA - Ringtool project

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys ! I drove many GTA back in the days when it was new. I always told myself I will get one some day... but always bought something else (Lotus Elise, Esprit V8, Z3 coupe, Abarth, Mini GP...). Finally I bought one ! The car is a late 2003, with 150.00km. 2 owners before myself...
  15. 147 GTA - Ringtool project

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm from France. I wanted a GTA for many years... finaly bought it ! It's a late 2003 with 150.000km on the clock, not great body conditions, but clean chassis and maintened. The idea is to make it a trackday/ringtool. Already many parts there or on the way : - front and rear strut...
  16. Mito Project Fast Road/Track Car

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi all, I’ve posted this in the modified section as well so apologies for the spam. I currently own a Mito with the 120 TJet engine and I’ve been in a struggle in deciding to modify it and turn it more into a “GTA” like Mito my entire ownership. I have started already with the following...
  17. Mito Project?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hi all, I currently own a Mito with the 120 TJet engine and I’ve been in a struggle in deciding to modify it and turn it more into a “GTA” like Mito my entire ownership. I have started already with the following installed: -TMC Motorsport Decat Downpipe -K&N Induction Kit with cold air feed...
  18. Possible 164 project purchase

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi all, Having owned a 1991 164 about 12 years ago (& having regretted the decision to sell it everyday since then) I might have the opportunity to get a 1993 base model 2ltr twinnie 164 as a project. Going to see it tonight, but from the photos it does look rough. Having been sitting outside...
  19. Help in 156 2.5 v6 supercharger project plan

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hey guys I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times but I'd like to get ur advice and see if this will work Plan is stock engine and ecu with gta injectors and supercharger at 0.5 bar boost. I'll have an intercooler to try control intake temperature even though low boost and a bov valve...
  20. My gtv v6 resto project now has a new video.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    ther other 2 episodes are in a playlist on my channel.