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  1. Adrian Flux – Silverstone 2014 Grand Prix Competition

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Hi, Just to let you know that we have a competition running where we have 2 tickets to the 2014 F1 British Grand Prix up for grabs. If you’re interested please feel free to take a look here. Competition To Win Silverstone Grand Prix Tickets | Fluxposure Regards, Dan.
  2. ao go karting grand prix and after party 23/2/14

    Meets & Events Images
    Images from todays go karting grand prix
  3. The big AO Grand Prix 2014

    UK National Events
    Ladies, gents and those that have yet to decide :D A few of us (mostly Shant, as he will be over here in the UK again) have had the idea of sorting out a bit of karting, so we did! To be held at Daytona Karting, Milton Keynes, MK13 8NP We are doing a Daytona 40 event on Sunday 23rd February...
  4. Cork Grand Prix - 23/23 June 2013

    Republic of Ireland
    This might be of interest to some of you in the summer Home - Cork Grand Prix - 75th Anniversary Event The event is being run to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 1938 event which took place in the city, they reached over 150mph back in the day on the Carrigrohane Straight :cool...
  5. Traffic Light Grand Prix - after market traction control

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hi all, I have been searching & reading posts from this web site for a few years now. The information & answers posted were good enough that I have never had any reason to post a question myself. So this is my first post. HELLO! :) My question is that I want to know...
  6. After market traction control - Traffic light grand prix

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, I have been searching & reading posts from this web site for a few years now. The information & answers posted were good enough that I have never had any reason to post a question myself. So this is my first post. HELLO! :) My question is that I want to know...
  7. Traffic Light Grand Prix

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Got myself a 2.0 JTDm 159 last week, having driven petrol all my life. Where should the gear changes be when I'm wanting to put maximum distance between me and the traffic lights. Tips/tricks welcome, got beat a focus ST and can't help feel I wasn't getting the most from my beauty.
  8. The British Grand Prix.

    Motoring Images
    A few pictures from a sunny Silverstone last Sunday. Not the best quality, and the catch fencing, as ever, is in the way. I was a little too far away to be able to use the manual focus to go beyond the fence yet still keep the cars in focus, but they are OK.
  9. Welcome in 2012 wth an Xtreme Karting Mini Grand Prix

    South Scotland
    Here it is folks! .......And, you've got a whole week to shake off that hangover, :D Venue : Xtreme Karting, Newbridge. Location : Date for your diary ; Sunday 8th January 2012 for an 1100hrs...
  10. If you had the opportunity to do a closedtrack day on the monaco grand prix circuit..

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    What alfa would you choose and why. Suspension mods allowed etc. To do this dream event..... I would have a black Gt 3.2 v6 properly set up on coilovers, ARB kit and straight through exhaust, 18 inch BBS LM wheels and a remap.:) choice must be 156/147/Gt based. Damien
  11. Limerick Grand Prix

    Republic of Ireland
    Thought I had mentioned this one - but seem to have forgotten and it's crept up pretty quick.. The second Limerick Grand Prix commemoration is on this weekend in Perry Square Limerick - Home Starts at 9:30am Timetable:
  12. rats attack a GTV6!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I do not know whether I should write this here. I have a GTV6 2.5 with air conditioning, which the rats have eaten many of the motor cables. Among them, several of which are located next to the wiper motor. and some of which are located between the headlights and wiper tank. Is there a way to...
  13. 1935 German Grand Prix

    Republic of Ireland
    Probably been posted here before... but some geat footage on the day... :wow: YouTube - Tazio Nuvolari wins German Grand Prix 1935
  14. Limerick Grand Prix - 75th Anniversary

    Meets & Events Images
    This Sunday say the 75th anniversary of the Limerick Grand Prix which ran in 1935, '36 and '38. At the time the UK was banning street racing, and the grand prix moved to Ireland - with no tracks the cities provided the venues. More info on the whole event here - Home Present were 3 Alfa's - one...
  15. Alfa and Grand Prix Racing

    South Africa
    At the CARC meet last might we heard an interesting fact. Today, 13 May, exactly 60 years ago something very interesting occurred that has a great significance for Alfa Romeo. It was the very first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the modern era. There were Grand Prix before this but they were sort of...
  16. Grand Prix Game

    International Motor Sport
    If you can't wait for the return of F1 heres a game to keep you busy. BEWARE THIS IS VERY ADDICTIVE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Play Grand Prix Tycoon free online flash game - Free flash games, football games and more - Mousebreaker
  17. Grand Prix (1966)

    Poll Room
    As in the film (info). I watched this last night. And what a film. Can you imagine such a film being made today? With all the commercial nonsense surrounding F1. But, what I enjoyed was watching car race on the original Monza with it's curves. :cool: The racing at the old Spa is impressive...
  18. British speedway grand prix

    International Motor Sport
    Just wondered if anyone is going to the British speedway grand prix at the millenium stadium this month. i really cant make up my mind whether to go this year , itll be the first one ive missed for a while , need to make my mind up soon though.
  19. So who is going to the british grand prix then?

    International Motor Sport
    so who is going then? this will be my first grand prix despite living in northampton for 5 years:rolleyes: ill be in Luffield B on sunday, not sure if im going to go for qualifying.