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  1. "Priority" of repairs to 156 2.0 TS

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Wanted to get a complete belt change on my brand "new" bella sometime next week (since I didn't trust the service history and didn't want to take chances), but my exhaust started sounding like a badly souped up moped on Tuesday so after a brief "why does this always happen to me!?" moment and an...
  2. When buying your fruit and veg what is your top priority...

    Poll Room
    Whats your main priority when purchasing your fruit and veg ? mike...:D
  3. Highest priority on waking up?

    Poll Room
    What's yours? :confused:
  4. What would you want Alfa to sort out as a priority

    General Alfa Discussion
    Mainly build quality, but I also have a problem with the paint quality. Mine has gone lipstick pink in places from it's Rosso Red!