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  1. 16 >> 17 inch. Anything to prepare?

    Alfa Giulietta
    I have the standard Alfa Romeo 16 inch JTD 1.6 wheels. I have the opportunity to buy 4 fine Alfa Romeo 17 inch turbina wheels with winter tyres. Is there anything I should think about in terms of 1. Checking the wheels before buying? 2. Adjusting anything to my car? (I have no knowledge about...
  2. How to you prepare for MOT?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Interested to know what you do? Quick once over? Just drop it off and cross fingers? Planned work?
  3. Tyre wear - come on prepare me for the worst!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hey guys, I’m getting an absurd amount of tyre wear on the outside of both front tyres. Have only had the tyres for five months now and it’s the second pair I’ve bought this year, backs are fine. Got the car booked in at Autolusso this Monday for cambelt and service. I’m thinking wishbones or...
  4. 159/McAfee Secure

    Announcements & Comments
    Some of you have noticed that a forum member with the username 159 has been checking out your profiles. There is nothing to worry about; 159 is not a real person. The 159 profile was opened by Admin for use by McAfee Security so that they could visit the forum as a member with various levels...
  5. Prepare to be amazed

    Way Off Topic
    I spent days building models as a kid, but this takes it to a whole new level :cool: THE WIDER VIEW: Three years in the making, it's every boy's dream... the ultimate home-made model aeroplane | Mail Online
  6. Prepare to be bored

    General Motoring Discussion
    YouTube - The new VW Polo
  7. an actual mito pic. prepare to cry

    General Alfa Discussion
    a friend went to italy on holiday last week and took this pic of a mito at a fiat dealership. its the first time i've seen an orignal photo, rather than a photoshopped press image. its a grande punto with a dodgy...
  8. Prepare To Be Horrified!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    just take a look at this piece of rubbish, and he wants £1700 for it, he should be paying for it to be scrapped.
  9. The Ring Trip - how will you prepare?

    Poll Room
    Ok, so most of you are not going (gloat), but for the purposes of this poll, you are allowed to pretend. Just tick the box that is closest to your approach to such ventures. Cheers. ;)
  10. Alfa Romeo prepare s1600 rally entry

    Motoring Images
    Alfa Romeo is running a prototype, with Steve Hill, in GB, with the s1600 rules, to take a full participation on the next world rally championship. Personally i don't like the idea...rally's are for fiat's not for alfas. Think tourism's are the best way to se an alfa romeo take part. Anyway...