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  1. Alfa Giulietta
    Got back from AROC Yorkshire's Newby Hall gathering around 16.30 yesterday to find the Giulietta on the drive covered with a few birdy splats. We have seagulls, jackdaws and pigeons dumping in our neighbourhood. I resolved to clean them off today. I needed stepladders and copious dollops of AG...
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Finally moved into our new house after 6 months of hell, and absolutely love it..............apart from the constant and endless crapping of birds on my matt magnesio GQV. It is bringing out my inner OCD big time. The previous owners used to feed the local birds 3 times a day, and as such our...
  3. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Time to get out of Grande Punto 1.9 ownership and back to an Alfa (I had the last one for 13 years from new and 160k miles with only 2 very minor hiccups - a 1996 145 'leaf) but I suspect I might be in for the long haul looking for this one.... I'm looking for a 2.4 Sportwagon manual, Q4 (stop...
  4. General Motoring Discussion
    I made the mistake of parking under some trees the other day and came back to see my roof coated with bird crap. Unfortunately, i was at work so the stuff was well and truly dried on and had turned into something akin to Roman concrete. I've tried leaving wet Spontex sponges on the poo to wet...
  5. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Who will be the new owner they dont come up this often if at all.
  6. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Washed the 33 this afternoon noticed the birdie jobbie on the roof yesterday!Only been on there a day and coudnt believe its burnt right through to the white primer under the black gloss(see pics!) Made a right mess god knows how im gonna sort it ANY IDEAS???? it looks like the top coat has...
  7. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Help peoples, PURLEAZE. Driving home today temp gauge started bobbling up and down, fiddled with the climate control turning up dropped it back to around 90 deghad a look under her skirt all looked ok. Went to shops about 15 min later (to purchase weekend stella supply :) ) went to start up and...
  8. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I'm wondering if there are any q2 diffs for sale (2nd hand) I'm guessing they must be cars being broken with them? Cheers :)
  9. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Umm BUGGER The inertial switch, won't reset....what have i done wrong. What can i do to fix it?
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    Spot the deliberate mistake:cry::cry::cry: Tried to save it to no avail.:cry:
  11. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Lets see how long this stays for sale when SR sees it...... Chris Variava Ltd : ALFA ROMEO 159 Saloon 4-Door 3.2 V6 JTS Q4 TI Sounds a beast. Now, what would I get for the GT and how can I convince the wife that a move to a Q4 3.2 is actually a sensible one........:rolleyes:
  12. Car Detailing
    Hi all, This has probably been posted elsewhere, but the GT (Alfa Red) has been bombarded with that evil black bird mess recently whilst I've been at work, and whilst I've attended to it as quickly as I can by soaking it off when I get home, it's left the inevitable blemish afterwards. The...
  13. Alfa 145 & 146
    after a year long break from alfa i decided to buy a 99 145 cloverleaf but it running crap,when i start it from cold the idle is a little rough the injector light stays on and the cooling fan is running after around 2 min idling the injector light and fan turn off also if i turn the car off the...
  14. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello there. My 166 gearbox is nearly toast. It's a 2.0 TS facelift with the 6 speed manual pull-up reverse box. Had the syncros replaced when I bought it and they really screwed it up. Warranty period's over and it's getting stiffer and more like a bag of spanners by the day. Not sure if I'll...
  15. Car Detailing
    My wifes car has had some bird poo on it for a short while. It has left a few stains on the bonnet with what looks like lifted/bubbly paint/lacquer:eek: Its only a 57 plate black corsa. I have washed it, used tar and bug remover and then some super resin polish. It has made a difference but...
  16. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    How do I get the stains off my roof?
  17. Car Detailing
    I've had a run in with some bird poo, and it's etched... Basically, I normally wash the car at work when it's grubby, or when anything from above lands on it - however, day before yesterday, I lost my car keys on the forecourt and by the time I found them, was far too tired, cold and grumpy to...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    hi guys, on thursaday i bought an Alfa 156 2.4 jtd 01 plate,96,000 miles on the clock, and i paid £2995. it has black smoke coming out of the exhaust upon acceleration, (any ideas?) a dodgy fuel gauge and my water temp stays about 55. the under tray is loose and i have constant worry about the...
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    Someone reversed into my beautiful bella at work yesterday ! and i got a nasty dent and scratch to the metal :cry: :cry: Got it quoted to repair and its gonna be around to £550-600 mark :( lucky for me i work in loss Prevention so today I ran through the CCTV footage and found the culprite...
  20. Motoring Images
    Don't ask me how I managed it, but my foot slipped and I ran my bella into the back of my work's portacabin today. Was only moving it about 15 feet or so, and prob not even 5mph. I can't believe the damage I have caused! Absolutely gutted!!! Have never had an accident before.:cry: Feel so...
1-20 of 22 Results