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  1. Colour polish - snake oil?

    Car Detailing
    I'm no detailer but having bought a very stone chipped black 147 last week decided to give it a going over with some snake oil, the snake oil in question was Sonax 1837551 and have to say I was pretty impressed, if you use the wax crayon and well soaked micro fibre together it certainly hides a...
  2. Been bought a machine polisher, what pads and polish do I need?

    Car Detailing
    Hi guys, my wife/boys bought me a machine polisher for Father's Day from the kids lol the wife scuffed the v6 parking it in the drive! So rather than socks this year I actual got a good gift lol! It's just a entry model from Argos and bought as it had good review. It's this one Buy Challenge...
  3. Which is the best glass polish??

    Car Detailing
    I am currently using Autogglym glass polish, and even though i really like it, I'm looking for something a little harder wearing and something that comes recommend from people who know a lot more than me when it comes to things like this!!:rofl: I have looked at a few other products but most...
  4. Problems with polish

    Car Detailing
    Hi all - santa got me a DA for xmas and i finally got round to using it a couple of days ago - I'm using Meg's ultimate compound, polish and wax, my car is a 75 spider with paint that was done at least 15 years ago, its blooming so I thought i'd have a go at cutting it back. The compound works...
  5. Best way to polish out feint scratches and marks to my silver paintwork

    Car Detailing
    Hi So as the title says I'm looking for the best products and methods for dealing with superficial marks and scratches to the silver body of my GTV. It's not something I've bothered with much on past cars but I want to make an effort with this one. I'm wary of using T cut because I've heard...
  6. recommendations for wheel polish please

    Car Detailing
    had my wheels powder coated 2 years ago, however i have always thought if i could get some cutting compound into the wheels it would enhance the shine i have from the laquer, I dont think i can get the same effect from just hand polishing does anyone have experience as to whats possible to...
  7. Which polish for a Cup?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Afternoon all, I had a full respray done on my Cup back in July & it was polished up nicely. I'm now looking at giving it another polish & shine. Any recommendations? I don't want to pay out too much on the polish if I can avoid it. Is there any advice on how often the body work should be...
  8. Alfa Red 159 - best polish?

    Car Detailing
    I'm looking to get rid of the swirls and a few light scratches on my 159, been looking at all the different polishes and not 100% which would be best to go for. I have access to a cheap rotary polisher and also a DA. Folks who have done a 159, what did you go for polish wise? Thanks
  9. Solution finish - does it work? + hand polish

    Car Detailing
    Hello i am looking for a black trim restorer and they recommended me Solution finish. anyone used it before? does it work? Also i would like to do a hand polish of the car. What compound and cutting pad (hand ) shall i buy?
  10. Have car scratches, want to polish & wax it. What products should I use?

    Car Detailing
    My car has gotten pretty scratched up. I may have an enemy scratching my car when I'm not looking, or, more realistically, it's caused by the branches and rocks flying all over the place, since I pop to the countryside a few times a month. I have never done anything of the sort. I have never...
  11. These Polish engine undertrays

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Ive just bought one from eBay. Bugger me if it doesnt fit (at all) - the mounting points on the car either seem to be missing or miles and miles out. Am I missing something here, or have a I bought a useless £50 garage ornament! :jester: People who have fitted one - help please! :)
  12. advice : polish, clay, glaze and wax

    Car Detailing
    I have a 2013 white Giulietta and my wife has a 2013 light blue Beetle. What brands do you guys recommend in respect of polish, glaze, wax, clay bar etc.
  13. What's the best polish?

    Car Detailing
    Just wondering if there's a polish that'll make the 156 sparkle? I've partially polished (roof, bonnet and wings) the car using Turtle Wax liquid. It looks good, but being 14 years old the bodywork could do with a buffing, but I'm not spending hundred quid or so on a electric 'duel action'...
  14. Clean and polish!

    Car Detailing
    Gave my GT a clean and well deserved cut and polish with the DA. Pleased with the results :)
  15. Gotta respect those Polish Alfisti!

    South Africa
    Has anyone seen this thread from 2007 before? Alfa Romeo forum: Burned GTA - stage 2 supercharged A very detailed tale of a rebuild of a burned-out 156 GTA SW. Much kudos to those guys for taking on that job!
  16. First attempt at full clean and polish

    Car Detailing
    What a long day that was. Seeing as its fathers day, I used it as an excuse to spend my well deserved time off to sort the car out with a good clean. After a wash, I used a compound, a polis, then a glaze and finally a wax. Only step missing was a seal after. I used all meguiars products start...
  17. New owner GT 3,2 V6 - how to polish the intakes..?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi there, The lovely chromed intake things (I guess) on my newly bought GT 3,2 are a bit rusty in the bottom. Can I polish them with some "Autosol" chrome paste or what should I do - apart from just living with it?
  18. Best Polish for Removing Swirl Marks

    Car Detailing
    Hi All, My Alfa Red MiTo is now 4 years old, and is starting to show signs of her age in the form of swirl marks! I give her a good polish with Autoglym stuff every so often (SRP and EGP), but I think it's time I gave her some decent treatment, so I've invested in a dual action polisher (a...
  19. Award Winning Autobrite Polish Day Out RSVP (Postponed)

    South Scotland
    On the back of Chris picking up the award "best modern coupe" at the Scottish Italian Car day Chris has came up with a cracking event idea to enable everyone to sample some of the magic potion used on the day. The sole supplier of Autobrite products has kindly agreed to have his premises...
  20. Auto bright polish day?????

    North Scotland
    Ok anyone who was at the Italian car day seen me and my polish antics and everyone knows how good this stuff really was , so a very good friend suggested we contact the only scottish supplier for the polish in regards to a sort of show and shine/ learn day and pick up some goodies for ourselves...