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  1. 156 in head-on with Police car

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hope this wasn't anyone on here - there was a picture in the paper and the 156 is a real mess :( Looks like the police may have some explaining to do though...
  2. 164 in police chase advert

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I have not seen this before - appologies if its been posted before.
  3. Italian Police crackdown on geriatric assailants.

    Motoring Images
    In an attempt to curb the ever growing criminal activities of the elderly,italian police have armed themselves with specially outfitted patrol vehicles.No longer are wheelchair and walking cane laden assailants safe with this new weapon.:)
  4. Peugeot meets Alfa..result Police tow away!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My Alfa has gone, and I think I have probably seen it for the last time. Some guy in a Peugeot pulled straight out onto me on a round-about, result, my passenger side meeting his drivers side. Not a nice sight.... my car still started and could move off the road but is a mess, his didn't look...
  5. Is it any wonder the Police do not like "Cruisers" ???

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    When you see them doing this ????????? Madness.
  6. Italian police old Alfas

    General Alfa Discussion Old (and new) pictures of italian police Alfas :cool: also very beautiful Moto Guzzi :cool: There is also a BMW :rant: and a Audi :rant: (for snowing places)
  7. Police chase a Supra doing 194mph on A1 motorway(mpeg)

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi,this is the now world famous Mr Nagata(Top Secret Japan) being chased by the British Police on the A1 motorway after being caught clocking 194mph.Amazingly he got a fine of £150 and banned from driving in England for only 28 days.He has to be the luckiest man alive.Oh the car is a Toyota...
  8. New Police car

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  9. It's great to be an Italian Police Officer!

    Motoring Images
    In the 70's and 80's the Dutch "Highway Patrol" had one of the biggest Porsche fleets around. As a little kid I always found it fantastic to see those police Porsches and I thought being a Dutch Copper is a cool occupation. Correction: Being an Italian Copper......that's more like it! Want...
  10. Police CCTV Van?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Any ideas what a police CCTV van is? I passed one on the way to work this morning. In Bristol, Yellow merc van, copper in the back pointing at the oncoming traffic - e.g. me. I think I was doing the speed limit, but who knows as they seem to book anything these days. :mad:
  11. Belgium - Police blaming the blond, again???

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    It hurts. Zee
  12. UK Police driver training cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'll start by saying I tend to keep to 30mph and 40mph limits but on fast A roads I'll overtake slower vehicles if it's safe. I pulled onto the A1 behind a Volvo S60, no markings, no lights, no extra aerials etc. I followed it for around 4 miles keeping back at speeds of around 80-90mph. We...
  13. Police drivers

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Well yesterday I was on the way back from Canterbury, down the littleborune road. where there resurfacing the road where the speed limit is 20mhp. A police car came shooting down my side of the road with light flashing and had to swerve out of my way, where it flicked up lots of lose stones. A...
  14. Beware-----------------> Police 156 GTA on the watch!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Slovenian Police got a brand new Alfa 156 GTA. :) They will be monitoring speeds throughout Slovenia. I guess it's the first time I can't wait to see a police car on the road :D Our country sure has some good taste :)
  15. 156 = police car in antwerp

    General Alfa Discussion I just saw one down the ring Antwerp today, that's why :rolleyes:
  16. Alfa 147 as a Police Car! Can they catch the crook?

    Motoring Images
    Hi Guys, Was surfing the net and came across this photo of a Italian Police Car I think! Would love to be in a pursuit! But can it catch up with the theif that the real question?
  17. Italy: The way to treat your police force...

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  18. Sydney Police have good taste???.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Our police have developed taste?? The shot is taken at Bondi Beach. Cheers, Calzone
  19. Italian 147 police car?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Heard rumours that Italian police has now started using uniformed and unmarked 147s. Is this ******** or has anyone heard the same, seen pictures or been asked to pull over by a 147 with flashing lights??? (Certainly, it must be worth the speeding ticket)