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  1. The Best Police Cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was browsing images in google and found this website. Nice collection of Alfa police cars. Alfa Romeo Police Cars The 146 and 147 look good :D Sorry if this has been covered
  2. Metropolitan Police powers.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is this a good thing or bad? Speeding: News :rolleyes:
  3. Caught On Police Speeed Camera !!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I cant believe I got caught on Police Speed Camera doing 71 km in a 60km zone !!!!!!!!!!!! (or 41 mph in a 37 mph zone) C'mon thats such a minor infringement and cost me $81 bucks !!! What the hell - this is becoming such a facist police state being caught only going 70 kms !!!! As you can see...
  4. Spanish Police have good taste!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    So we were worried about the increasing amount of mobile radars on the roads but always had the possibility that if they didn't stop and identify you (as in boot it and give 'em the slip), you could take advantage of a loop hole and pay the fine without 'loosing' any points (works the other way...
  5. French Police Interceptor's

    Motoring Images
    Is this the French version of Police Interceptor's. Imagine being handcuffed to the Roll cage on the way to the cop shop!
  6. Lambo Police

    General Alfa Discussion
    Look out Alfas! This may give us a run for our money.:eek:
  7. The Forum Police

    South Scotland
    If u post on the off topic, or wherever..u always get somebody saying should this post not be in..this thread that opinion who cares...i would rather post to a thread in my area...without somebody saying..this should be there or here...i think it makes for a more open forum if...
  8. Beware of West Yorkshire Police!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    While driving North at the given speed limit through the roadworks at Wetherby I noticed that I was being followed by a Police Car! Sure enough, just as I left the roadworks the blue lights went on and they pulled me over only to tell me that my MOT had expired at midnight, it was now 1.40am...
  9. Blue Police Focus ST

    General Alfa Discussion
    On the M25 in Surrey, around Chertsey on Thursday evening. :( :( BEWARE Rob
  10. Cool Police Car

    Motoring Images
    Neat (FYI, in Michigan).
  11. Nice Police Car

    Motoring Images
    Lucky Aussie cops
  12. More traffic Police please

    General Alfa Discussion
    When completing the Drive Power survey, you get asked about traffic calming / control. I voted for more traffic Police, speed warning signs that tell you your speed and more casualty signs. I votes less speed humps and less speed cameras:mad: I don't approve of unmarked cars though - that's...
  13. Police, Camera, Action!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone see this prog tonight on ITV - there was an Alfa 156 being chased, it suffered a blow out and and went up in flames! Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The crims are getting classy, or the fact that the car suffered a blow out :cheese:
  14. Speeding Police Officers

    General Alfa Discussion
    Apparently for every 200 police officers caught speeding only 1 is prosecuted linky. Doesn't it make you :mad:
  15. British Police gets a Ferrari!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Donated by Ferrari to the British police as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations :ferrari: :D
  16. Police Service of Northern Ireland Alfa Romeo Appreciation Society

    General Alfa Discussion
    Apart from trying for the award for "Longest Thread Title" I thought I'd share something that happened yesterday. To set the scene I was driving out of Newcastle (County Down) with my wife in the back and the mum-in-law in the passenger seat on our way to the hospital to visit my father-in-law...
  17. Belgian 156 Police car

    General Alfa Discussion
    Saw this today in Brussels.
  18. italian police car

    Motoring Images
    thinking of joining the italian police force....
  19. Police car

    Motoring Images
    Not gonna catch a lot of baddies with this, are they? :cheese:
  20. Alfa police cars.

    Motoring Images
    What do carabinieri's Alfas do when they get tired of chasing all the mafiosos and want to retire?They end up for sale in Germany !` The body is not in the bestest of the conditions posible and the interior is even worse,but hey,for 5200 euros you're getting something very special!