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  1. Alfa Romeo 156 Facelift Child Car Seat Top Tether Anchor Points

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As my baby boy has outgrown his rear-facing isofix car seat (+base), I need to buy a new one (1/2/3). The problem is that there is nowhere to attach the top tether of the child seat in the car. I found this old thread...
  2. Points to note for new and potential Giulia owners

    Alfa Giulia
    I bought my new Giulia in August 2018 and I have found the forums most useful in informing me about various aspects of owning a Giulia. In summary they are: 1. The alarm can go off unexpectedly. This has happened on 4 occasions and I will get this fixed at my first service. There is a fix...
  3. Giulietta jacking points and using jack stands?

    Alfa Giulietta
    So after hours of googling and reading I'm not much closer to an satisfying answer regarding this. Obviously there's the jacking points on the pinch welded sills like on every car, which I would use for changing the tires if it wasn't for 1. I don't have the dangerous emergency scissor jack...
  4. Metal thickness? Sills, Floor, Jacking points?

    Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    Right so as the title describes does anybody know the thickness of these various areas? I need todo some welding and these are the areas that need attention. Sills Jacking points Floor Fire wall Inner arch If not then ill have to start cutting and measure the thickness. Thanks in advance BT
  5. Jack and axle stand points on Brera

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi. I’ve searched and searched and seen quite a few topics on this subject but I’ve not been able to find a definitive answer or clear pics etc. I see that the square inserts at each corner are designed for the emergency scissor jack. I have read that people often use these points for other...
  6. GTV jacking and axle stand points

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi. where are the best places to jack and to place axle stands at the front of a GTV. Thanks Neil.
  7. 916 phase 2 air con charging points?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, no chilled air so going to start off with recharging but whereabouts are the charging points?? Thinking of trying a cannister first before anything more serious... cheers people!!!
  8. Earth points at the back of a 156 engine bay?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Guys, I am trying to resolve an airbag light issue. I understand one of the key faults is bad earths. I have found the earths at the front (near the headlights, battery and gearbox). The diagram I have shows two points floating in space at the back of the engine bay on either side. I have...
  9. Mito roof bar fixing points - play

    Alfa MiTo
    Got a standard 2009 Mito Lusso and have been running it with roof bars attached for the last six months, carrying either a couple of bikes or a surf board. When I fitted it there was no play at all. I've noticed now that whilst nuts connecting the feet are still tight, it seems to have developed...
  10. 159SW Isofix anchor points... Where are they ??

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    With my sister in law due to have a baby quite soon, yesterday I helped her collect some baby gear (pram, car seats etc)..... The car seat she got is an isofix seat but I couldn't locate the anchor points and I felt like a real *** in front of her as I had been going on about how great it is and...
  11. Marelli Distributor - how to clean the points?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    How do I remove the centrifugal weights plate under the rotor arm so that I can check/clean the points gap? I have difficultly starting my '73 2000 GTV because of a weak spark. Thanks, Andy
  12. Rear seat belt anchor points

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Please can someone put me our of my misery! I have found two of three seat belt anchor points in the rear of by 2000 gtv. I have the shoulder point and the central point. I can't for the life of me find the side anchor point which I presume would be by the rear wheel, anyone point me in the...
  13. Giulietta Jacking Points

    Alfa Giulietta
    Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a definite answer. I have a slow puncher and was looking to jack the car up for the first time, for the love of god I can't find the points or markers! There is no markings or depressions anywhere. Would I be ok using the jack supplied...
  14. GB Points Earned Before Oct 31 will reset.
    Dear GearBest Customer We would like to extend our very Warmest Wishes to you and your loved ones this Festive Season. We feel honored that so many new customers have joined our community this year. The reason we’re reaching out to you is to explain an established policy of ours: at the end of...
  15. Front jacking points?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Anyone able to offer some definitive advice on jacking up the front of a 2000 GTV? I've read a lot of posts (both here and on AlfaBB) and there seems to be some debate over jacking the car using the original points on the side, the sump or the main cross member under the engine – which is...
  16. seat belt mounting points

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    A while back i bought a 2006 156 to be my final car for my project, But on the last MOT it had the advisory mentioned corroding seat belt mount points, i thought nothing of it as i was under sealing it all and would address it when i get to it. But i cant find where they meant ive removed all...
  17. Unused mounting points on engine block

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi there, I'm in the middle of changing the engine mounts on my recently acquired S3 Spider. Having elected to do the job from above (inside the engine bay), the offside mount was only accesible once I had removed plenum chamber and a whole host of injection components. Thus noticed vacant...
  18. Giulia Super - front jacking points

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi guys, Recently into my Giulia Super ownership and it's missing the front jacking points. Spoke to AH and we reckon there's a good reason why there's no front jacking points. A bit annoying not to have them and having to lift the front from under the front suspension. So it would be good to...
  19. How many points will I get???

    General Motoring Discussion
    On April the 3rd I was caught speeding, I was doing 52mph in a 30 zone, it sounds bad but I was coming out a national speed limit back road straight into a 30 which wasn't built up. Obviously I'm in the wrong and I should of known better. I'm just confused with what punishment I will receive...
  20. alfa 155 ride height points

    Alfa 155
    hi i'm lowering my 155 is there points from where i check the ride height ? i know i can see it visually from the clearance of the tire to the arch but i think there is a more technical way to check this!