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    Get done for speeding on 1-10-13, 3 points and £60 fine for doing 36 in a 30....... anyway yesterday I still haven't had my licences back from police so phoned up central ticketing office and after I gave them my details they said I should of been fined £100 :( but was also told that there is a...
  2. South East
    In the same vein as the Weybridge thread I saw an unmarked metallic blue Ford Focus, looked like an ST model. It was pretty obvious once it's blue flashers came on, fortunately not for me :)
  3. South East
    Evening all. Just seen two unmarked police cars with their concealed blue lights flashing away around Weybridge. First was a gunmetal grey 5-door current shape Audi A3 with some large-ish alloys and what looked like rather high suspension, and one of the round blue lights stuck on the roof a la...
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Oh Bugger !!!! BBC News - Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar Cheers to All Peter
  5. North West
    Well, there I am in the 159Ti burning rubber on the way to work at three in the morning and Plod pulls me over in the middle of Alderley Edge. OK, Fair cop I think. 34 years on the road and only 953,896 other offences for speeding to be taken into condsideration......:tut: But No, say's Plod...
  6. General Alfa Discussion
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    As they seem to be monitoring all the other big one-brand forums.They will look for details of cruises,track days and general recklessness,not to mention any admission of lawlessness. If it was me,i wouldn't be admittting quite so publicly that I don't declare mods to an insurance company,or...
1-7 of 7 Results