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  1. FCA is working on all new sports car platform

    General Alfa Discussion
    Yes, that true. Future Alfa Coupe and Spider, Maserati Alfieri and Dodge Viper successor will be on it. What are they competitors? It's no secret that Alfieri will be a 2+2 model. Also it's no secret that 911 is model they are aiming at. For Alfa models Porsche 718 should be competitor and...
  2. Next Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Be Built on Alfa Romeo RWD Platform

    General Motoring Discussion
    Officially, Fiat Chrysler doesn't have much going on at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit—the automaker has no press conference and is not revealing any new vehicles or concepts at the major auto show. But that didn't prevent CEO Sergio Marchionne from spilling some...
  3. Why did'nt Alfa reuse C-Evo platform

    Alfa Giulietta
    I was luck enough to review a Jeep Cherokee at weekend which have the same fait C-Evo platform the Alfa G uses. My question is why didn't they use the platform to create a new car like the coupe GT, all you need is a new body and interior keep all the G gearbox and engines. Seems simple AR...
  4. alfa spider 2.0 jtdm 939 platform

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    took my car to alfa romeo malta because my odo meter keep plashing. they connected to the computer and tried to enter in the programme under the 159/brera the car is showing a these results after a proxy alignment. can anyone help me.
  5. Giulietta Shares Platform With Jeep Cherokee n Many More

    South Africa
    Morning Alfisti Some interesting reading Id like to share with those Giulietta owners. Did you know that the Giulietta's underpinnings are the benchmark for many models to come Article extracts from Forbes: How A Sporty Alfa Romeo Spawned A Rock Crawling Jeep Quote: '...the fact that...
  6. 2014 Dodge Dart based on Giulietta platform

    South Africa
    We not big on Dodge here but because its part of the mother company it should be shared. See some resemblance especially with the rear end, and it looks like they sent over a box full of gear knobs...mmmm, wonder if they know it falls apart. And they threw on the MA Head The Giulietta is a much...
  7. Has VW invested too much in Mbq platform

    General Motoring Discussion
    Morgan Stanley think they may have to save 1000 euros per car VW denies it may miss profit goals on slow growth, higher MQB costs
  8. VW's new MQB platform.

    General Motoring Discussion
    guys, am i missing something about VW's new MQB platform? It's getting a lot of press attention, but i can't work out whether it's news because it's a new platform from VW, or because it's some revolution in the field of platforms. Much of the news reads like it's the latter, but i can't fathom...
  9. A new spider platform shared with Mazda

    General Alfa Discussion
    According to a source in via Plava (centro stile) could happen.
  10. Article on the 164's shared platform.

    Alfa 164 & 166
    May have been flagged up before but thought this well written and of interest to the forum. Disagree with the final comment on the pre-facelift 166 though.
  11. Which Smartphone Platform?

    Poll Room
    Not about comparison of phones but which platform do you use and any recommendations you can make re apps etc.
  12. Giulietta platform news from Quattroruote

    General Alfa Discussion
    The following is from Alfa Romeo - GIULIETTA, ECCO COSA C'È SOTTO - Auto novità - Quattroruote, in Italian, so here goes. It's not a complete literal translation, just the essence, and it's dated 02/05. << The Giuletta is arriving on the Italian market in April and we now know all its technical...
  13. Next Generation Mini.Mito on the same platform?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Mi.Ni.To Mi.To.Ni Me to Knee To Knee Me Knee Me Too ....? Fiat to lay off workers at 4 Italian plants due to market decline - International Herald Tribune
  14. jag rwd platform looks unlikely

    General Alfa Discussion
    we all got excited about the prospect of a rwd jag platform, but the reality is far less exciting so far, with no talks about it yet :( No talks with Fiat over sharing Jaguar and Land Rover technology : Tata- Tata's giant takeover-Specials-The Economic Times NEW DELHI: major Tata Motors...
  15. Alfa to use Jag RWD platform...

    General Alfa Discussion
    From Pistonheads PistonHeads Headlines
  16. Alfa WILL use a Jaguar platform...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Source: Fiat outsourcing to cheaper markets - Autoblog Excellent - the XF platform (which is the likely candidate I guess) is superb by all accounts and very capable.
  17. FIAT Buys Cadillac’s Sigma Platform For Alfa?

    General Alfa Discussion
    FIAT Buys Cadillac’s Sigma Platform | The Truth About Cars True? Stu:)
  18. 169 using Jag Platform?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just found this via a link from Bigfoot :flirt: Winding Road » Archive » Tata Bid for Jaguar and Land Rover to Aid Alfa Romeo? so maybe the 169 will be based on a RWD Jag platform? (sorry if this has been repeated)
  19. Fiat and Ford to cooperate on new Small Car Platform.

    General Alfa Discussion After General Motors, Fiat is now looking towards Ford.
  20. Platform jobbie

    General Alfa Discussion
    Can anyone come up with a credible reason why Alfa doesn't "do" a rear-wheel drive platform? I was lying in bed the other day, in between reading Auto-Italia and drinking the tea my missus had bought me when the thought came to me. If they're going to all the trouble of developing a new...