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  1. Alfa Romeo MiTo, an alternative ad on PistonHeads

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    An alternative ad for a MiTo 1.4 Multiair. Used ALFA ROMEO MITO (0) MULTIAIR LUSSO 2010 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 892387)
  2. 166 Pistonheads: Italian temptation at Shed money - what could possibly go wrong?

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Don't know if anyone's caught this: We're live on shed of the week this week: SOTW: Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 - PistonHeads
  3. 3.7 S/C Autodelta GT "spotted" on Pistonheads

    Alfa GTA
    Anyone know anything about this car? Looks an interesting proposition for someone at £12k (not for me I hasten to add). PistonHeads Headlines - Spotted: Alfa Romeo GT Autodelta Really not sure about the colour though but better than that awful blue one a while back. :vomit: What is it about...
  4. Compression rings

    Alfa MiTo
    Hello, I have a January 2009 1.6JTDM diesel Mito, with 71k miles on the clock. Its been into the garage today as the car has started to produce thick white/blue smoke from the exhaust when power is needed. The garage have stated the compression rings need replacing, has anyone else had this...
  5. My Car for sale on pistonheads

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    Hi guys, longtime lurker here. My 2.0TS 147 Red, 30k miles is up for sale on pistonheads classifieds (Reference #3990115) Firstly, any takers? Secondly, whats your thoughts on price? £4000 fair? Cheers Alex p.s. I hope this isn't against forum...
  6. Where's best to sell an Alfa? eBay? Autotrader? Pistonheads?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I've had to do the unthinkable and put my Spider up for sale. It's on here and I also paid to put it on eBay classifieds. I don't get alot of luck selling cars. They're always worth a mint when I buy them and after a short period of time scrap value when I come to sell them (in more or less the...
  7. GTV V6 average price on PistonHeads

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just looking at V6 prices on PH. Nine cars appear to have sold. Discounting the highest and the lowest of them (£8995 and £1900) and the average of the other seven comes to £3300. So it does appear that what I've often said that the good desirable cars are not worthless and unsellable is true...
  8. Little alfa Goes on Big Pistonheads run

    Motoring Images
    Took the little Junior on a huge Pistoneheads run today. The run we had from Cambridge to Stowmarket, was a lot more spirited than the stow to Aldeburgh sectiion. Heres a some vids I took on the Cambridge to Stowmarket section - just trying to upload the 3rd (which is being a biatch)...
  9. Only 2 147 GTA's on Pistonheads

    Alfa GTA
    Can't ever remember seeing so few cars for sale. What does it mean?
  10. PistonHeads may be upsetting some of you

    General Alfa Discussion
    PistonHeads Headlines - You Know You Want To: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA :p
  11. GTA pistonheads....

    Alfa GTA
    PistonHeads Headlines - You Know You Want To: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Not the best review in the world... or is it!!
  12. Autosport Pistonheads @ NEC 2012

    Motoring Images
  13. Pistonheads Shed Of The Week

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Never thought I would see this..... PistonHeads Headlines - SOTW: Alfa Romeo 145 Cloverleaf
  14. Spotted on Pistonheads, 8C for �90K

    Alfa 8C & 8C Spider
    Spotted on Pistonheads, 8C for £90K Spotted: 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C - PistonHeads Headlines
  15. Good thread on the 147 GTA on Pistonheads

    Alfa GTA Great thread, a lot of love for the GTA from all sides! Recommended reading
  16. Cup 141 on ebay & pistonheads

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, the same add as i posted yesterday,but with more pics, spread the word! Alfa]Alfa Romeo : GTV CUP 141 Romeo : GTV CUP 141[/url][/url]
  17. 156 GTA SW on Pistonheads

    Alfa GTA
    Hollybrook Sports Cars Ltd : Outstanding 156 Gta estate... Wow - looks lovely, but what a price! :wow:
  18. 156 GTA on Pistonheads front page.

    Alfa GTA
    Clicky:cool: PistonHeads Headlines - Spotted: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
  19. Pistonheads Shed of the Week - 156 SW

    General Alfa Discussion
    PistonHeads Headlines - SOTW: Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon Anyone on AO responsible for this budget beauty?? :)
  20. Alfa Montreal article on Pistonheads

    General Alfa Discussion
    FYI! PistonHeads Headlines - You Know You Want To... Alfa Romeo Montreal Cheers Goose