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  1. Picked up my Ti Sport

    Introduce Yourself
    Finally picked up my ‘18 Ti Sport. Wht.Tri-Coat w/ Red interior. Only drove a few miles yesterday but so far I LOVE it. Have been learning a lot from this forum and hope to continue learning more as an owner.
  2. Picked up 156 v6 in nuvola azurro at the weekend

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    Hi All Love Alfa’s Had a 156 v6 years ago - silver with red leather Have missed it since I run a 147 collezione- black and white but miss the sound of the Busso So I bought a 2001 156 v6 at the weekend It’s in amazing nuvola azurro blue It has genuine 48k Drove back to Hastings where I live...
  3. Just picked her up :))

    Alfa Giulia
    Just picked up the beauty from Palmers Hemel H. on Friday. So far I’d say it’s just a brilliant car handling is taught and plenty quick enough for me! 🙂
  4. The day I picked up my Veloce

    Alfa Giulietta
    Picked her up last Friday. Was so excited. I can't believe how different she drives companied to my old MY14 SportivaNav TCT. Extras: Matte Paint, Dark wheel and Bose. Watch video:
  5. Just picked up my first Alfa

    Alfa Giulia
    hello, been reading forum with interest and posted in a couple of threads but only today picked up my new Veloce (pics to follow in the stickied thread) couple of questions which, apologies, i think might have been answered before but can't find; 1. Can i stop the beeping when the car is...
  6. Hi, picked up my new (to me) 156

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    Just on the way back from Christchurch to Nelson, spending the night in a lovely Rangiora motel. I sold a Subaru outback to liberate some cash. Was going to get a cheap old toyota or nisssan just to get around. Budgeted up to $2k, but then started seeing saab 9-3 and similar at that price, and...
  7. picked up the brera today, loads of q's already!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    ok, what a lovely drive home, 200+ effortless miles (3.2 V6 Q4) and a respectable 29 mpg using cruise control to stay legal! lol... loads of questions already though ... 1) there appears to be a hole where the USB socket should be.... maybe it has been pushed through somehow? its not there! 2)...
  8. Picked up a GTA SW SS

    Alfa GTA
    And it's made owning the GTA an even more sweeter experience. It's got Koni adjustables and the ride is markedly different from the Bilsteins on my saloon. Keeping it in City mode and just flooring it through the gears is a ******* blast and the Unicorse exhaust makes the downshifts outright...
  9. Picked up a 4C, after 13 months without an Alfa

    4C & 4C Spider
    Well just put deposit down, waiting for money to transfer from Australia, But should be in my garage by Saturday. 14 plate, Red, racing pack, already planning to my trip through the Alps in September Photos to follow once she's in my hands.
  10. Picked up My New Giulia QV Today

    Alfa Giulia
    Ordered in August, confirmed spec in October, finally collected today - my first Alfa after 30 years of wanting one - yey. Had it 30 minutes before dropping it off at the detailers for paint protection and don't get it back until Saturday - nooooo! As a target 'conquest sale' having had BMs...
  11. Paul here in Derbyshire...just picked up the Alfa!!!

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    Hi Great to meet you all!!! I have just collected my Brera S, and on the way home, the EML came on, so I did the ole, turn it off n on again, boom, no sign of it yet... I suppose thats my Alfa baptism over with, for now at P.
  12. Picked up a 156 GTA today

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all Picked up a 156 GTA today from Autolusso after 2 months of anticipation - all the mechanicals rebuilt and desirable upgrades bolted on ( Quaife/ 330 brakes/eibach& coilover suspension / 18" Jetfins etc) . Made the 180 miles home beautifully, mostly at a steady 75/80 and the trip showed...
  13. Picked up my first Alfa today!

    Introduce Yourself
    Got my 159 lusso 2.4 jdtm this afternoon, utterly in love already. My name is Dan and I am from Leek by the way. Hello!
  14. Picked Up My New 159 - Autolusso Question

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Picked up my new 159 1.9 JTDm this afternoon from near Leeds. Loved the 100+ mile drive home! Just a quick question about autolusso's Saturday surgery? Do I need to book it in? Only just got home, and they are now closed... Would love to get it checked over tomorrow, as there are a...
  15. Picked up the Alfetta from the body shop today

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Very happy with the results, especially considering the price. The boot face, drivers door bottom, and drivers front sill and inner wing have been repaired with new metal quite a few other bits have been sorted followed by a bottom half respray. Price was £720. I've got all the bits for a full...
  16. Picked her up yesterday.

    Alfa Giulietta
    First time Alfa owner today. Picked up a 11 plate Veloce 170 diesel in cosmos blue today, and first impressions are very very positive. I always look for the negative reviews, so I can keep an eye/listen out for them, before purchasing. My main concerns we're build quality/rattling and the...
  17. Just picked up my first Alfa - GQV

    South Africa
    I've always loved Alfas, my dad had one when I was a lighty and so did one my my good I took the step and got one of my own. Picked her up yesterday, Giulietta QV...bought her used, but she's been well taken care off. I'm excited to be part of the Alfa community and hope to meet...
  18. Picked up my Sportiva today!

    Alfa Giulietta
    And I'm made up, really enjoying it so far, felt a little guilty saying goodbye to Mario MiTo, I hope he finds a good home! I've got a few questions if anyone can help, Should the car charge my iPod touch (I think it's the iPod that's being temperamental Can I get the mirrors to fold with...
  19. just picked up my 10 plate 159 jtdm elegante but a little confused!!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, picked up my 159 yesterday, very impressed with the pull from the engine, just a little confused, the dealer said its a 1.9 and it comes up as a 1.9 on the dvla database but on the door shut of the b pillar is a silver alfa sticker which says 'alfa romeo 159 2.0 jtdm elegante 170 bhp'...
  20. Picked up MiTo today!

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    Hi guys Picked up my 2010 Alfa red Mito Lusso 135 today. She looks wicked and drives great. People who drive boring cars (almost every other make) do not know what they are missing. That used to be me until I came to my senses. :D On the way to work, I noticed people stopping, staring and even...