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  1. A few piccies of the G

    Alfa Giulietta
    If anyone likes their car snaps....
  2. Piccies of the secret garden.

    Non Motoring Images
    Hello guys, Inspired by Keithy's pics with Molly, I took loads of pics yesterday of the 'secret garden'. The mood AO's uploader is in will determine how many I can post :) Anyway, it's a serene, peaceful place, and I could have spent all day there! :thumbs:
  3. Goodwood Revival 2011 - Piccies

    Meets & Events Images
    Heres some piccies I took at Goodwood Revival 2011 on Saturday. Fantastic event -think I will go to all 3 days next year.
  4. Thought I'd upload a few piccies...

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Well, we had a decent sunny day last weekend, so I got my "new" 164 out and gave it a wee wash and took a few piccies of it. I then thought I might share them with all me mates on the 164 board... ...(OK, I just thought I'd post them anyway)! Still plenty of jobs left to do but getting...
  5. New exhaust piccies!!

    Motoring Images
    Well after about a year of fannying about decided to fit the Ragazzon twin exhaust from Gazzella Opinions please: Had to paint the back box black to blend in with the other side but I'm pretty happy with it. No real noise difference until I'm up to higher revs then it's a very subtle change of...
  6. Some piccies from Bruntingthorpe

    Motoring Images
    A few photos I took on our first test at Bruntingthorpe back in July... Some of my 156 (with fresh decals): And some of the other car (the main event) :cool:
  7. 166 Photoshoot piccies - two lovely 166's

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Me and JohnnieK ran a little photoshoot in one of SE London's most salubrious estates on Sunday, enjoy the pics folks MobileMe Gallery. Mine is in Silver, Johnnies in Nuvola.
  8. Random sud restoration piccies

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi there, just thought i would poet some piccies of my sud, its undergoing a light restoration.... well it started out like that, it seems to be going more in the direction of a track day toy !! theres no time line as such to the photos, i just found them on my phone! engine bay is ready for...
  9. 2 Litre GTV TB open thermostat piccies

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just thought I would share the pictures of the knackered thermostat from my GTV. You can see that it was stuck open, which was causing low temps, and now a new one has been fitted, it is permanently back up just below 90 degrees.......
  10. Brera Piccies

    Motoring Images
    Had to go to one of my favorite developements today to check the property is ready for occupation tomorrow by a new tenant, took the opportunity to take a few snaps of a clean & waxed Brera ...... :thumbs:
  11. Piccies from Kirkcudbright Vintage Gathering 24/8/08

    Motoring Images
    Just a few mainly non-Alfa related piccies from yesterday's Summer Gathering at Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway. Sorry about the quality - these are phone camera shots :o "I can't believe how wonderful this Spider is!" :lol: :thumbs:
  12. Surrey Meet - 03.08.08 - Piccies!

    Motoring Images
    Here are the piccies from today, enjoy
  13. Some more Goodwood FOS piccies

    Motoring Images
    Here are some more pictures from the Festival of Speed on Sunday. I know it's been said before, but the 8C colour on the stand cars was just awesome! The Italian lass on the stand was telling me it cost £15,000 because each car had to be dismantled and then hand sprayed with a three layer...
  14. AONW july meet piccies

    Motoring Images
    well we braved the torrential rain up on the west pennine moors this evening and had AONW's biggest ever meet tonight - 12 cars and 14 people in all:cool: luckily the rain held off for long enough to grab a few pics, but not many i'm afraid - sure some of the other chaps will have some more in...
  15. Northern Italian Cars Night piccies

    Motoring Images
    here's some of mine, unfortunately i didn't get any of HM with wobbly knees & pooey pants after we went out in ghosty's GTA with me at the wheel:lol: said GTA :inlove: in case you haven't noticed i'm a little bit head over heels in love with that car :lol: pert bottoms... 147...
  16. Restoration piccies of our Honda Beat

    Motoring Images
    As it was when bought last Summer. New panels arrive. Stripping commences. Body shop takes the stripping to a new level. Body is repaired and new panels fitted. Body painted in Giallo Ginestra (Maserati colour) Thanks to Bigfoot for finding the name of the colour.
  17. A few piccies...

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just had a very good bloke I found on come and do some work on my car.... Here are a few piccies. Third one is not me! He's the chap who did the work. If you want his details let me know!
  18. Piccies of the GTa as promised!

    Motoring Images
    Here a few pics of the 156 i detailed recently, i got to drive the car and its got me thinking. . . . . . befores- During- Afters- Hope you like the results, it was a fantastic car to work on, and it looked good before the work, but after 10 hrs work it was better than when it...
  19. Galloway Run Piccies

    Motoring Images
    Great wee run today - fun road to drive. Fraser I look forward to seeing your pics from your uber fandangly SLR!:lol: Did anyone get speed gunned by the police car on the bridge above the M74 on the way back?:eek:
  20. Finally got round to some 166 piccies

    Motoring Images
    Photos taken in and around Yorkshire.