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  1. The Technology Section
    So whilst in the US I popped into a Fry's electronics store to blow some of my Las Vegas winnings. One thing I'd been searching for was a way to transfer photos from my Nikon 1 to any messaging apps on my phone. What I found was the Gigastone Smartbox. It's smaller than a *** packet and is...
  2. Motoring Images
    this forum is new and up and coming i can across this and thought you guys might like :) Near Miss - Photography Show Off - iShootAutos
  3. Motoring Images
    Hi everyone! I am back after not being on the forum for a very long time :tut: I am the Official Photographer of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia (Victoria Division) and of Auto Italia Canberra. My website has tons of photos from various events, track days etc. and also some other...
  4. Motoring Images
    Some serious eye candy here Tim Wallace: Car Photography Enjoy :)
  5. The Technology Section
    Ok, It is my wifes birthday next month, and she has expressed a very keen interest in getting a new camera. Now then, I do know that she seems to want 10+ OPTICAL zoom and not digital zoom. Apart from that I am in the dark. She took me by surprise, as I have already booked a night time "ghost...
  6. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Guys what do you think of taking some shots of our Spiders? Now that Vassilis has got one too we can take a picture of our bellas lined up in order. S2, S3, S4 and a 916. All in one picture, all in red :cool: So you in for it? :thumbs:
  7. My 159

    Photographed by me -
  8. South Scotland
    Have a look
  9. The Technology Section
    Photography is quite a common passion on here. I wonder whether people will be interested is a surprising analogue to it. This website: Dead End Thrills | Every Game An Adventure Is dedicated to recognising visual art when it appears within computer games. You can flick through pages and pages...
  10. North East
    Just thought i'd put some information up regarding my friend Neil's new venture. He has opened a studio called Infinity Studios Infinity Studios | Facebook in Gateshead actually and can accomodate cars in the giant area with an infinity wall. He can offer a large range of shoots and printing so...
  11. The Technology Section
    Hi, I'm looking for some 'resource' that will guide me in beginner-friendly stages into thw world of photography. I've taken some ok snaps on a crap camera, but I want to understand what are the things you should do/avoid doing for particular shots. Nothing too advanced. Any advice...
  12. Poll Room
    should you vote in the proalfa photography competition? well, if yes here it is! *ps please vote for my 147:D*
  13. Poll Room
    Hi All, Following on from our photography contest see: Wow, an amazing amount of entries and some great quality shots too. Though this leaves us with a problem, out of the 12 finalists we cant...
1-13 of 31 Results