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  1. Personal Reg

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi, I have a personal plate which is ** GTA on retention ... I really like it and have had it for nearly 20 years and its been on two GTAs ive owned in the past. I was just looking for your views regarding putting it on my Giulia QV, would it look wrong to do so ?... one thing that appeals is I...
  2. Possible personal data security breach by a UK tyre supplier?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Has anyone else recently received a phishing email that is a little unusual in that is contains your name, address and phone number? It is supposedly informing you of a delivery by Hermes and takes the form : Email Subject : email body I suspect that this is the result of a data security...
  3. Giulia Veloce Personal Lease

    Alfa Giulia
    My first post so please be gentle... I’m interested in a personal lease of a Veloce, and have seen a deal with Unity Oxford, basically it’s £239/month for 10k miles on a 9+23 deal, so a deposit of £2,151 then 23 payment of £239 Seems like a really good deal to me. However I kind of think I...
  4. Changing my personal plate to another car?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Looking for guidance. I am wanting to change my personal plate plate from my 159 to another car i will pick up in a weeks time. Whats the easiest/cheapest way to do this. thanks.
  5. Personal Experience Tyres for 159Ti

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I know the debate rages on about the best tyres for the Ti so thought I'd upset everyone and potentially start it all over again based on personal experince of the last 12 months. Ive just re ordered another 2x 245 40 19 Uniroyal Rainsport3 tyres for my wife's 170 jtdm Ti to replace the 2 that...
  6. Giugiaros personal Sud

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Alfa Romeo, un' Alfasud nella collezione di ...Giugiaro! - Automobilismo Just as he sell out to VW he shows his not-Golf to a magazine.
  7. Stone chip touch-ups: Personal recommendations?

    Car Detailing
    Two main options are jumping out at me: 1. Chipex - Looks easy to use, very fast too... Expensive though... 2. Paints4U - More involve process, longer between coats, separate lacquer layer etc... Much cheaper by the look of it though.. So looking for a little personal recommendations really...
  8. Loadshedding - personal and large scale measurable effects?

    South Africa
    I've just read a poorly written article on about the R7.5bn los the economy has suffered as a result of a human error while erecting scaffolding. Again, my intention is to gather personal views on the effects of loadsheding of your life, as well as get a wholistic view for South...
  9. Value of personal plate on GTA

    Alfa GTA
    I have a fantastic Black 156GTA selespeed. Bought it in 2006 with 3700 miles on - now done 112000 miles and loved every mile. No upgrades just lots of bills and well maintained - 305 brakes work fine - never thrashed or tracked just sprited drives, Black/Tan leather, Xenons(one replaced) rare...
  10. Personal plates - how sad am I?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I bought a GTV in 2005 the reg is S8 GTV. It finally died last month and has been scrapped. I retained the reg with a thought to selling it on. However I did sort of like the thought of holding on to it so I have transferred it onto the 3.0 Spider - which, of course, is not a GTV. For sure I...
  11. PCP vs Personal Finance Used Alfa Giulietta

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hey Folks, Don’t write often on here but really looking for some advice on purchasing a used Alfa Giulietta 2.0 JTDM Veloce, 14K miles. I am stuck between taking out PCP or personal finance. Figures: On the road price: £11,995 Trade in (dealer quote): £2500 for a 147 1.9 JTD 16V Multijet...
  12. Deleting personal information

    The Technology Section
    My dad is thinking about selling his iMac, we are concerned about the personal info it contains not least online banking stuff. How can I be sure all the info has been permanently deleted ? Is there a way of doing this or is it always at risk of being recovered ?
  13. A personal success story - becoming a fully fledged Alfista

    General Alfa Discussion
    Greetings! After 8 months of ownership I have finally, this morning, experienced that special place that all Alfa drivers know, but sometimes forget, exists. Completing my 25 mile commute to work, consisting of town driving, quiet A roads, brutely pot-holed B roads and a short burst of busy...
  14. Some illustrated personal advice for men...

    Non Motoring Images
    1. Check your plums regularly. IMG_3952 by PSJ Picdump, on Flickr If you have a nurse handy to hold them while you cough, it doesn't do anything medical, but it feels good. 2. Nothing beats a good firm pear. IMG_3939 by PSJ Picdump, on Flickr I hope my plums grow over the next few weeks...
  15. Is It Wrong To 'Bash' The MiTO For Personal Gain?

    Alfa MiTo
    Right I'm really ahead of myself here, given that we don't even get the Mito until 2pm tomorrow. I've so far had another family member and a friend asking loads of questions about our impending new car as they are in the market for a car themselves within the next few months. I've actually...
  16. Personal Identity

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Any one heard of/got any experience of this company/suspension kit? Buy TUV approved PI suspension and get down low! Cheers, Todd.
  17. Personal rants time

    South Africa
    Ok so this is the only place I can rant. and won't I hope, to be made feel guilty... The other half needed to go write her exam today so I said I'll take her and due to my dad,her and my car being in the driveway, I had to park mine funny, so before she left I asked her to let me pull my car out...
  18. 159 options - lease? PCP? HP? Personal Loan?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All, New round these parts - I'm looking to buy a 159 soon, so I was wondering if anybody had any good experiences with the different "buying" options out there? I'm espcially interested in lease options ("never invest in a devaluing asset" etc), but it would feel weird to not actually own...
  19. Personal Contract Hire Question

    General Alfa Discussion
    Some ****er has opened their door onto the side of the Brera, again. :tut: This has left a small ding in the waistline crease just above the rear passenger side wheel arch. I had a much bigger and uglier one of these in the passenger side door fixed a few months ago at a cost of approx. £250...
  20. personal contract hire /personal loan

    Alfa MiTo
    please can you tell me is there any personal contract hire deals on the alfa mito or would i be better taking out a personal loan out.