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    What exactly will happen to the 11 Million diesel car owners in the U.K.? More importantly what will happen to all the beautiful Alfa JTDMs. Personally, I feel betrayed after being convinced around 2006 to ditch my uneconomical petrol Honda Civic for a cleaner, greener diesel, these 'do gooders'...
  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, i had scanned last time my AR 147 (2002, 1.6 TS 120HP) with MES and AlfaOBD and i have a pending fault code B1002 in Driver's Door TRW module. I cannot erase this error, because it's an active one. In MES where I can test functions of this module i can do anything (windows, mirror test) but...
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    Your next Alfa could be from Volswagen-Audi Platform. If it happens, don't worry about anything anymore.... But I learned later from Ransoman that it is not true.. (Thank you for your kindness..)..:thumbs: