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  1. First Peak Alfa Service - used 2012 MA 105 - follow up advice required

    Alfa MiTo
    Took the car last week for the first service I have ever done in my life on my used car. Very nice people, It cost 249 which included sorting one squeaky window and the other one is about to go so I'll be going back soon as it sounds horrendous. I think it may have been Roger (didn't get his...
  2. Peak performance

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi All, Just back from an 1100 mile trip in the Spider twinnie. Our journey started on the Portsmouth to Santander ferry, where we stayed overnight before setting off for the Picos de Europa mountain range two and a half hours west of Santander. This beautiful place is a driver's paradise (seen...
  3. Peak Technology

    The Technology Section
    Sitting in an airport with nothing to do I start to wonder about things. One thing I notice is that nowadays every T,D & H are prodding their Tech gadgets like there's no tomorrow. 10 years ago a few road warriors had Palm Pilots, HPaqs or Psions. now it's big tablet/phones by the bucketful...
  4. Big Thanks to Peak Alfa

    Took my car for a service yesterday and it's running like new. Had a great morning out in Derbyshire. Can't recommend them highly enough and really well priced. Also the chance to have a look under the hood of a 147 GTA racer.
  5. Run Around the Peak Distict

    Hi Everyone, Hoping to do a run around some of the Peak District on Sunday Septenber the 15th if anyone would like to come. Did a dry run on Sunday and all went ok. After help and advice from forum members the upshot is ....... Meet and greet / photos at the Langsett Barn car park ( S36 4GY ) on...
  6. Peak District Run Out.

    Hi Everyone, Thinking of organising a run / morning out around Derbyshires Peak District. Still in the infancy stages just yet but I thought I'd put out a few feelers to see if there's any interest. Basicaly the idea is to set off from Lagsett on the Stocksbridge by pass ( A616 ) and drive...
  7. Loeb for Pikes Peak - in a Peugeot 208 !

    International Motor Sport
    And the track is now all tarmac! To be run on 30 June, the spectacular event, also known as ‘The Race to the Clouds’, is a hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. It has taken place since 1916, making it the second oldest motorsport event in America. The route used to consist of...
  8. BGZ's Twin Peak Run

    Meets & Events Images
    Only one shot from me, left the Nikon at home so had to resort to HTC's finest. Lots of Red GTV's, Cups too. Nice trip out to my backyard as it were. Learned to drive in my Renault 5 in the twisties around North Cheshire and the Derbyshire Peak District.
  9. BGZ's Twin Peak Run

    North West
    Meet 10am. Lymm Services. Nothing to do with the cult 90s TV show. Widely regarded as one of the best driving roads in the UK, the A537/A54 Macclesfield to Buxton road aka The Cat & Fiddle road is on our doorstep but apparently has never been the subject of an official AONW event. Well we are...
  10. Peak run

    North West
    This post is mainly FAO of Al, Gaz & HM. Such a nice day today that I took the Cup for a bit of a run up into the Peak District and am pleased to report I have now finalised a suitable route for a AONW official run out when you want to do one. Lymm to Lymm and takes in the Cat & Fiddle road two...
  11. 2.4 DPF removal and remap at Peak Alfa - what a difference!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Two weeks ago I had the DPF removed and engine remapped at Peak Alfa. the DPF was 77% clogged up and resulted in lots of annoying lumpy/jerky driving. I have a 07 200bhp model 2.4 which was fitted from new with a Steinbauer P-Box, giving around 240bhp. Power delivery before visiting Peak Alfa...
  12. Peak Alfa

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Had my 147 in at peak alfa on monday for some work and just wanna give some good feedback on the garage. Had my timing belt, auxillery belt, water pump, cam variator and anti-freeze done at a cost of £396. All dealings in email and on the phone we very helpful in arranging the work and...
  13. Trouble Getting in Contact with Peak Alfa

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi I have tried phoning and emailing Peak Alfa but no one answers or replys to emails. Has anyone else had this problem, are they still in business?? Thanks Chris
  14. Good Friday Peak Run

    North West For the last three years I have been for a run out to the Peak District. This year I didn’t go on my normal route and the weather conditions were not the normal mild spring day that we had in the previous two years.
  15. Peak Alfa

    General Alfa Discussion
    HI guys and gals. :p After listening my beloved 147 sound like a combination of a tractor convention and a milk float for 6 months:cry: i decided to get it sorted. The nearest alfa specialist to me is peak alfa in hope valley, derbyshire. The Alfa Romeo Specialists - Peak Alfa. I cannot praise...
  16. Peak mass air flow rate and other values

    Alfa GTA
    With the intake mods my car has I thought it might be a good idea to log things like intake temperature and mass air flow rate in order to compare it to a standard setup. Today I went out for a quick test and found that with the ambient temperature at about 16°C and the sun shining my intake...
  17. Sneak Peak new Giulietta

    Motoring Images
    Got invited by Alfa to come and view a special preview of the new Giulietta today, a one day only event, and since my brother got his Mito I havie been eagerly awaiting its arrival. So obviously today I went down and got involved. (they were happy for me to take pics for my own personal use...
  18. peak power and torque

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :cheese:Where in the rev range do peak power and torque appear,nice to keep an engine on the boil,also in fifth gear on the motorway,what revs show at 70mph,interested as new owner ..thanks
  19. Peak Alfa Drive

    UK National Events
    Hi All This sounds like a great day out i found this from a fellow memeber from the cloverleaf club who i met on another alfa event- i checked with AROC and anyone is welcome to join have a look Peak Alfa Drive 20th September 2009 2008 was cancelled, but Peak Alfa Drive is back for 2009...
  20. 2.4 JTDm peak power

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I need a techie to explain this one to me. The main thing I didn't like about the Lusso 2.4 I took out was the late power delivery. Below 2k it was very very poor and then the power came at a rush. When I ordered the Ti I saw on the AR website that the new 210bhp version got its peak output at...