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  1. Congratulations PaulR

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    Well done to PaulR for winning the AO Club's January Competition! Go get your prize now Paul :)
  2. A message from Paul(R)

    East Anglia
    I joined AO about three years ago. It took a little time to settle in - after all being a newbie it can be daunting posting into what might be seen as a "settled" club. I was made to feel welcome - indeed I soon realised that the people here are more than just a bunch of car obsessed nerds...
  3. A Note from PaulR

    East Anglia
    Just to let you all know we are moving tomorrow (Wednesday 15 October) and will have no internet access in our new house until 22 October. I am off work for two weeks so cannot connect from there. We have our current apartment rented until the end of the month and will leave the broadband...
  4. nice one paulr

    East Anglia
    well done mate, glad to have a rep for the area i live in:D
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    I've been trying to work out who's the chap in PaulR's avatar :) (No offence mate)
  6. PaulR revealed

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    1) Your Forum name? PaulR 2) Real name Paul Rastrick – my creative skills are questionable. 3) Age 54 4) Occupation Manager in HMRC (old Inland Revenue) 5) Lives Holbrook – a village in Suffolk. 6) Marital Status Married for the second and last time (got it right after a dry run)...