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  1. Past imformation?

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi Everyone, 164 TS, 2ltr, 1995 Does anyone remember a foreign posting about the removal and repair of the heater control didgy panels, complete with pictures? It may of course not be this particular site! Secondly, I saw a posting where somebody was recommending a Belgium (I think?) site who...
  2. Blast from the past!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Found a link to this old photo from a meet in the GTV section. Anyone else here from the meet in Northampton 2003 other than my good self?
  3. Walking past a scrap yard in Huddersfield today...

    General Alfa Discussion
    and what should I see but a grille-less 145 bonnet peeking over the fence from the top of a stack of cars. Was even the right colour to have been from my old Alfie (although she's defo still on the road, don't worry). Made me feel a bit :( So if anyone in that part of the world needs some parts...
  4. 156 Poorly please help. Struggles past 5000 rpm

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have just purchased a gorgeopus 156 2.0 ts on a 1998 - problem is that when i put the old foot down its fine until i get to 5000rpm but the it strugglesd to go past it - it feels as there is some sort of restriction.. Also there is hardly any power but the engine souds spot on?? There is no...
  5. Help I have just bought a 156 2.0 ts but am having problems going past 5000 rpm.

    Introduce Yourself
    When I put my foot down it shoots upto 5000 rpm but then just dies on me - what i mean is that it feels as if the engine for some unknown reason is restricting me! it slowly revs up instead of shooting up? any ideas as to what this is? or can some please ppoint me in the right direction?
  6. Precious things from the past...

    Motoring Images
    Yesterday I went to my Grandmother's house, and while going through some old postcards (hundreds of them :D) my eyes set straight on two of them... The first one is from Pretoria "Capital City" Z.A. , sent in 1982: The second is a bit older... from 1971 sent from Luanda, Angola. I...
  7. Can a V6 advance timing past 97RON?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    To take 'advantage' of higher RON petrol (Optimax)? My owners manual says it's set up for 97RON (EDIT:'Over 95 Ron' to be precise, which I guess is the same thing), so I'm guessing not, unless I want to take advantage of cleaning my valves... And it doesn't clean your injectors either. The...
  8. 155TS1.8-97 polizia.Can´t get past 2800rpm!

    Alfa 155
    Hi i´m a swedish Alfa Romeo owner with som problems i could use some help with. My English writing/spelling aint the best, but i´ll try! I recently bought an Alfa Romeo 155 TS 1.8 (8v) -97. The car used to be a policecar in Italy, but is now imported to Sweden. And i bought it from the one that...