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  1. Blast from the past - Alfa 156 TV ad from 1997

    General Alfa Discussion
    When watching this I said to myself that one day I would own that car... I finally got an Alfa 156 in 2002! Current car is a 159 and about to change for a Brera. YouTube - Alfa 156 pubblicitĂ -- Spot,winter in Venice
  2. my 156 is going past 90 degrees when driving in town

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    my 156 is going past 90 degrees when driving in town, i've only recently bought the car and i'm a wee bit worried i'm going to have a large bill to get this fixed.....can anyone give advice ? cheers
  3. My Past

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi out there all you Alfa fans I am an ardent supporter of the Milan brand bearing the dangerous Snake and the Red and White flag in it's logo. I have owned several alfas in the last 30 years including the famous Giulia 1600, Junior (GTV) 2000, Spider 2000, GTV 2.5. My love affair with these...
  4. why would you walk past a 166 and rip the door mirror off !!!!!!!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    having the worst day of my life went to a friends and left my car on the road outside and this morning the passanger door mirror was hanging of this morning no damge to its paint so not a knock from a bike or anything:rant: also theres a scratch on the pillar probley from his bling bling chav...
  5. Won't Rev Past 5200rpm - 2.5l V6

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    FIXED NOW 17/11/08- see later post Hey guys, I need some info on what this could be. Symptoms: 1)My car accelerates ok but as soon as 5200rpm is hit the car sudddenly stops accelerating (like a smooth limit, kind of pulsates) Occasionally breaks through but only slowly or not at all. (edit...
  6. My 156 2.0 ts wont rev past 5900 rpm. HELP!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    when i rev up to 5900 rpm the car feels like the rev limiter is kicking in and wont let the car excelerate any more than that. the engine managment light comes on as well. but if i drive normally after that and re start the car the engine managment light go's off. do's anyone know what this...
  7. Alfa marketing from the past

    General Alfa Discussion
    Been browsing old alfa ads and found this one. Hey, spider owners, do you use your car the way it was meant to? :lol:
  8. These Past Weeks I Have Been Mostly Driving A.......

    General Motoring Discussion
    2008 Mercedes C Class 200k with AMG Body Kit. Neither ARUK or Mangoletsi could give me an Alfa, so they eventually swapped the billy basic Focus hire car for this Merc and he's my brief 1300 mile report. :D Good points: Looks - The AMG body kit, alloys, cross drilled brakes all look the...
  9. Help Car Wont Rev Past 3000

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Guys Any Theories Why My 156 2.0 Ts Wont Rev Past 3000 Revs? Fitted A New Engine To My Car And So One Told Me It Was Becxause The Battery Was Completely Flat, But I'm Not Convinced Any Suggestions?
  10. Help Car Wont Rev Past 3000

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Guys Just Had A New Engine Installed And Wanted To Know Why My Engine Wont Rev Past 3000 Revs, The Mechanic Reakons Its Its Due To The Drained Battery But I'm Not Convinced... Help
  11. Boro Stick Eight Goals Past Citeh!!

    North East
    "Everyone round my house for a Parmo!!" :D
  12. Hello-any gt4 owners past or present

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Looking at replacing my beloved Celica GT4 with an Alfa GT diesel. Finally getting fed up with the 23mpg. Although the power is going to be missed a bit. Figure the alfa gt has great looks, good torquey engine and more practical than the gt4. Be interested to hear from any other gt4...
  13. Giulia Spider Veloce for past 33 years.

    Introduce Yourself
    I am the second and final owner of a '64 Giulia Spider Veloce since '75. Next I also owned a '71 GTV, then a '79 Sprint Veloce (Alfetta), and then a '71 GTV again (very fun 2L modified). All of these other cars were improved under my care and eventually moved on to other Alfa freaks. Now I...
  14. Blast from the past: Bugatti victorious in Monaco

    International Motor Sport
    This car won the first ever Monaco GP in 1929. Driven by William Grover-Williams (note: Alfa Romeo and Maserati did not participate in the event). Check the front wheels :eek:
  15. some pics of my 156 from past till present

    Motoring Images
    wanted to keep it as minimum as i could when i redone the car as when i got it it was scratched and dented to buggery so work comes in handy lol
  16. My past Alfa's

    Motoring Images
    I've just scanned a few photos of my old Alfas and wanted to share them with you guys. My very first Alfa was a 33 1.5ie. This car is the reason I fell in love with Alfa. My 2nd Alfa was a 33 16v P4. Just when I thought I couldn't love Alfas any more, along comes the ultimate 33. It was a...
  17. WOT: Future WBA Manager Scores Past Future MOTD Pundit

    Motoring Images
    I found this picture from when football was a proper man's game and thought I'd share it. :cool:
  18. Blast from the past - Mr T

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys Just thought I would pop my head above the parapit and say hello to the new alfaowners and hello again to all you old alfaowner. I've been off Alfaowner for some time due to the lack of an Alfa. Now I know you guys say it doesn't matter but it's very hard to read all the Alfa threads...
  19. Eight Minutes Past One

    Announcements & Comments
    Hey, Whats with the daily updates ALWAYS coming through to my e-mail at 1:08am?! Don't get me wrong, I like consistency, but why is it this specific time? Cheers, Darren
  20. cant get past 'New members - Forum Rules - FIXED

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    Is it me (more than likely)? I have just registered today and whenever I try and do my Introduction Threads via the new members page I constantly get the 'Forum Rules' page - I have waited for the clock to go and the submit button to appear - I tick the 'Ive read the rules' message and hit...