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  1. My/ her rite of passage

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, New to Alfa Romeo, have just bought the wife a Mito 1.4TB Veloce (155), in Alfa Red. She has always been into quirky cars loved Renault 5s and has had a VW Beetle for the last 5 years. I used to have a Ford Puma 1.7 (great car, lots of fun and bullet proof). The missus decided that she...
  2. A Cumulative Passage

    Motoring Images
    Taken here in my home town. An old decrepid and desolate structure long since aquired its solitary status. I visited it in the dead of the night, with only the resident cow's coughing to break the silence. I made sure Polaris was within the frame and set about painting and therefore bringing to...