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  1. Stelvio pass

    Motoring Images
    A few pictures from a 2 day (1st and 2nd of october) trip to Italy and Switzerland Stelvio pass: I've been there at least 5 times, but there has never been so few traffic as this time. It might be helped be the late time in the year and the fact that I drove there on the evening of the first...
  2. AONE Run Out To The Tan Hill Inn & Buttertubs Pass

    North East
    Me and a few of the lads are having a run out to The Tan Hill Inn and Buttertubs Pass next Sunday. If you'd like to join us we'll be meeting at The Scotch Corner Hotel at 11.00. The route I have suggested is up the A66 to Tan Hill, down the Buttertubs Pass to Hawes then along the A684 through...
  3. 156 MOT pass today !!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Yeah baby !!! the 156 passed 1st time !!! Fast Idle: CO: 0.04% Limit: 0.20% HC: 18ppm Limit: 200ppm Lambda: 1.01 Natural Idle: CO: 0.00% Limit: 0.30% Engine running pretty well by the looks of things Last MOT it just passed the emissions, was on the limit for 2 of the tests. A...
  4. MOT Pass

    General Alfa Discussion
    My 156 sailed throug it's MOT this morning :cool: No advisory items either :D Had to replace 2 missing bolts off the undertray :confused: and get the door check strap tightened up. MOT cost £35 and Dave from Intaservices charged me nothing to do the bolts & strap :) Here's to another year...
  5. 156 rear pass elec window fuse. !!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    ...Can anyone help me identify the fuse and its location which controls the rear passenger side electric window. Some kind individual has put a slight dimple in the door just below the waistline, possibly from a kids bike handlebars. Don't you just love it when 2 of them are chasing each other...
  6. MOT pass!!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    She cruised through without a problem. Gave me advice about front brake pads and disks, but I am planning to let Roger at Peak Alfa do these next month anyway. Now its all computerised through DVLA, they have to write some advice on the certificate, even if there is nothing wrong with the car...
  7. Roll Call For The Hartside Pass Meet/Run Out

    General Alfa Discussion
    Here's a list of AO members who have expressed an interest on Gil's original thread. Gil 147 Alfa20V Roswell Thompatruck1 Mr. Orange Veloce Mitch Will Acapulco Al GTA Chris Simon T Cossiekiller Ascari Ecosse Oz Ode Fraser Mozza Rgwm Mangolusso Jon’o So who's definitely coming then?
  8. Autosport International Paddock Pass - Is it worth it?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anybody who has been before think the extra money for the paddock pass is worth it? Seems like an awful lot to get round in one day as it is...? Cheers Sean
  9. Hartside Pass

    General Alfa Discussion
    I've been planning, this winter, to do a run over the Hartside Pass in cumbria one weekend before xmas. Its an awesome route that is usually rammed with bikers, however the majority of them should be all tucked up for the winter now leaving the road free for us to play. The route i'm thinking...
  10. pass the port

    Poll Room
    Where is it?
  11. MoT pass!!

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Yes, thankfully I got the angelic whisper down the phone "your 145 has passed it's MoT sir" :cool: :cool: :cool: I thought it would fail on something; I know most of the following need doing; MAF sensor spark plugs Front wishbone bushes anti-roll bar bushes front dampers wheel bearing I...
  12. 156 Q4? No thank-you, we'll pass.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone seen the latest Auto-Italia mag? Alfa UK have no plans to bring the Q4, either in Crosswagon or Sportwagon version, across the channel. Too small a market to be worth making in RHD apparently.
  13. hey I got a Vip launch pass too

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just checked my answer phone and i`ve got a VIP pass to the local Alfa dealer new car launch. Dont even know what it is :confused: GT? GT what ? :D But hey Im up for a freebie alfa ride :D . Anyone else popping to the dealers in Ipswich, suffolk tomorrow eve? Lee
  14. MOT PASS !!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Woohoo, my antique mota passed it's MOT first time (again) !!!! Was worried about emiisions as they seem to be a usual fail for the 155, but here are the results..... Fast Idle: 2714rpm CO level = 0.13% Limits: Max 0.30% HC level = 23ppm Limits: Max 200ppm Lambda = 1.02 Limits...
  15. Exhaust By Pass

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My middle exhaust box is shot. I have been thinking of have it removed and replacing it with a straight through pipe. has any one done this befor does it make any differance? Good / Bad. I need to know quickly as I have it booked in on Tuesday for it to be done!
  16. how to pass wires(cables)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i need to pass a wire(cable) trougth all the car from the radio to back of rar seats, how i can do that? any easy way??
  17. Mot pass

    Alfa 155
    Hi Guys Got the 155 through it,s mot eventually. The tester(w***er) looked at the log book said "your right enough" tested it and it passed no problem. There was hairline cracks on the rear discs,i tested them with dye penetrant inspection which is used to check for cracks in welding(handy being...
  18. MOT pass !!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    My car passed it's MOT first time today !!!! 85379 miles of abuse and the engine is still sweet !!! Check out my emissions results: Fast Idle Test (at 2586rpm) CO level = 0.00% limit 0.30% HC level = 9ppm limit 200ppm Lambda = 1.02 limit 0.97 to 1.03 Natural Idle Test (at 818rpm)...