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  1. MOT Pass Rates

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Found this on the bbc site, its the MOT pass/fail stats for all cars during 2007. Thankfully Alfas come high up the list alphabetically (if not for reliability!) (or should that be alfabetically!) so you don't have to scroll down much...
  2. Llanberis Pass v GTV

    Motoring Images
    More GTV than Llanberis as it goes!
  3. Puzzled yet pleased.. mot pass (nearly) guidance needed

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Morning all, i've had some great news and some puzzling news re my mot. Straight through barring 2 bulbs and a corroded brake hose which is an absolute result. Not counting wipers or no spray but i knew about them and have replacements and a guide from someone on clearing out the valve on the...
  4. Air con leak/wet pass footwell

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My passenger footwell carpet gets soaking wet when I use the air con/heater. I have managed to trace it to some sort of leak behind the centre console, just above the footwell, under the dash (hope that makes sense). There is a sponge type thing that is soaked but I don't know what to do next...
  5. Well my car did need some work to pass the MOT.

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Yes sadly it needed some windscreen wiper fluid. :lol: Its passed and I'm a very very happy boy! Stuart
  6. Will my tyres pass the MOT?

    Alfa GTA
    MOT is booked for Thursday, and I'm currently looking into replacing the fronts. Except I was a bit lazy when I checked them and decided they needed changing - only checked the drivers side, which had a little bit over the TWI. Just checked the4 passenger side, and it's basically right ON the...
  7. Kirkstone pass, A sunny day and a 156

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does it get any better than that?:thumbs: I took a trip over the lakes in Alfie on saturday. The weather was excellent and Alfie was behaving beautifully. On the way back I decided to take a look over Kirkstone pass and what a reward it was :wow: I've driven it a lot of times in many different...
  8. Hartside Pass Tomorrow!! (31-05-09)

    North East
    Anyone fancy a run to the hills?
  9. Alfa Museum and the Stelvio Pass

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first post on so bear with me, I am planning the obligatory Alfa museum trip from the UK and the exitement is starting to mount (just the 2 of us in the new Spider) and I wondered if anyone else had recently been? we are doing the Dover/Dunkirk crossing and winding down...
  10. Healy's pass aftermath thread.

    Republic of Ireland
    Great day and night. Best hotel ever seen as it had a hose and got to wash all our cars with it:D I would like to say thanks to everyone who came and the made the effort. Ye all made it a great meet being here. It was great to meet everyone. Sorry for losing some of ye pulling out from the...
  11. Republic Of Ireland Healy Pass Meet : Feb 1st 09

    Meets & Events Images
    A few pics from today, more to follow
  12. Route from the Hotel to the pass?

    Republic of Ireland
    Lads I have been looking at maps and not sure what way really to take the convoy to the pass. Don't mind the ring trip or the red just look at the killarney to the pass part we can go straight over molls gap if...
  13. The healy pass meet overnight stay (Saturday night)

    Republic of Ireland
    Heya all, Myself and theredx19 where talking last night about staying over the night before instead of having a long drive day like we did the last meet. Would be worth it to have breakfast in the morning and then all set off together in the morning when it suited everyone. I personally think...
  14. All Ireland Alfa Meet Healys Pass 1/2/2009

    Republic of Ireland
    As above lads we will be going there. I'm not exactly sure yet where it would be good for everyone to meet up as ye know ye will be coming from all locations. I was thinking maybe Killarney and going from there as the town is big and has plenty of parking. UPDATE: We will be meeting at the...
  15. phew! mot pass today for my bella

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just sharing the news, no advisories either....I'm well chuffed :) I hope the alfa gods are shining down on all others going for theirs today/soon as a treat I think she needs, some new coloured centre caps, a boot badge and maybe a a couple of other jewellery items to cheer her up.... oh and...
  16. run up to Hartside Pass today

    General Alfa Discussion
    lovely day snow on the top no power rangers in attendance happy times :)
  17. MOT Pass - no work required - Get in!

    North East
    She passed yesterday with not a single thing to do. :thumbs:
  18. Another wet pass footwell!?!?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Apologies for he long post, but you can never have too much information. I hoovered the car last week and noticed very wet passenger footwell carpet under my rubber mat which was concealing the problem nicely. Anyway, I removed the plastic sill cover, the passenger seat, the cladding...
  19. Do Alfas have to pass a reliabilty test?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, i have recently been speaking to my uncle who has a friend who is an alfa romeo test driver, i.e he takes out all the new alfas and sees if there are any kinks with them etc, and he pretty much said he would never buy an alfa as the build quality is just THAT bad. My question is do alfas...
  20. Anyone Wanna Pass Me A 'j'?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey Up, How are you all? Just some quick advice needed please. Someone's nicked me 'J' off me 2.4 'TD. So I think, come light of day, i'll de badge me 156. Anyone got any advice on the best solvent type stuff to use to remove the sticky foam stuff? Or should I use that rare, hard to find...