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  1. Mot pass

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Thank god after wrestling with the power steering rack for an eternity, it passed, however I now need new front pads, I knew they were low, but now an advisory, damn those big horseshoe holes, he never would have seen them with the pepperpots :lol: and I have to get the tracking done, although...
  2. Car Finally Passed its MOT!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After a long delay for various reasons (holiday and the garage being busy etc) my car finally passed its MOT today. £331.34 later however! But I'm just thinking of it being less than a pound a day.. doesn't look so nasty then :lol: But I still have to wait until the weekend until I will be able...
  3. 3rd year running an MoT pass, no advisories

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Very happy.....3rd year running my GTV has passed the MoT test with no advisories. In that time the only faulty item I have had to replace is a to anyone that says that Alfas are a money pit and unreliable all I can say is......:finger: My only disappointment is that all 3...
  4. MoT Pass - Low FAS Test

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My car passed, with NO advisories! Thanks Sunnyside :thumbs: The Fast Pass smoke test measured just 0.29 m-1. At the previous MOT , this measurement was 2.67 m-1. Both Turbo pipes were replaced and Forte Diesel Treatment added in the previous refuel; some 400 miles previous. Can anyone else...
  5. Dukes Pass Run - CANCELLED

    South Scotland
    AOSS Dukes Pass Run 10th April 2011 Meet Stirling Services M9 Jct 9 10.30 am for 11 depart approx. Coffee and breakfast/brunch available. :D Then a short run on the great Trossachs Trail A821 the DUKES PASS then back to Dobbies Garden Centre which we pass on the way out before Blair Drummond...
  6. Can a decat straight through exhaust 155 Pass Mot

    Alfa 155
    Pretty stoked right now. Just bought a 155 2.5 V6 off ebay that has been modded for track use. Planning to take it upto knockhill for the ARUK trackday. Saw this one up for a good price and fancied a punt. Always heard about the sweet handling and lovely sound of the 155. I really want to...
  7. How to pass a rainy afternoon in Warwick

    West Midlands
    Just thought I'd say that I had a great afternoon. It was raining but my Alfas bonnet protected me:thumbs: I had tea I had a new tube of Autosol I had a durrrty V6! What more do you need?
  8. MOT pass!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    My V6 passed today. Bit of a moment with the emissions but went through on the 'long' test. Just got one advisory on a ball joint that had a small amount of play, track rod end. Phew :)
  9. MOT PASS but steering issue

    Alfa 145 & 146
    my 146 passed MOT :D before going in i had front discs and pads changed and changed my rear wheels with front wheels as there is more tread on them. i now have a steering issue. the steering wheel sits slightly to the right when going staight and the car pulls to the right.:confused: what have i...
  10. GT in First MOT Pass Shocker

    South Scotland
    Took the GT for its first MOT this morning, i was a wee bit apprehensive and expecting the worst as there has been a few rattles from it of late. It failed - on a broken exhaust bracket and a low offside headlight beam, the guy fixed both there and then and passed it:D MOT - £30 Fixed exhaust...
  11. MoT Pass - Eibach ARB - Ali Guard - All Good News

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I can't say I was surprised TBH with the MoT pass, the amount I've invested over the past few months there's not much left to change :lol: The difference the ARB makes is astounding; when combined with the top brace, Eibach springs and FSDs the car feels solid as a rock and doesn't crash so...
  12. Lots of welding to pass MOT

    Alfa 155
    My 155 1.8 has been off the road for just over a year, after a brief trip to the local mechanic (who is a genuine 'honest' John) I've been told that to pass the MOT it'll need the interior stripping out and 500quid of welding to be done . . . Oh dear! Its a shame because the engine and recent...
  13. How to pass the time on the M6 car park!

    General Alfa Discussion
    On my weekly drive from oxford back home to warrington, I hit the inevitable tailback on the M6 through Birmingham. This journey takes me about 3.5 to 4 hours and it gets incredibly boring so I've come up with a little game to help me through the mind numbing boredom. Counting Alfa's that I...
  14. MOT Tomorrow Pass Or Scrap?

    Alfa 155
    It's that time of year the MOT is due tomorrow, hoping it will pass without too much work. Limit is £250 or it's off to the scrap yard.... :cry:
  15. M.O.T help pass or fail list ???

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi again all, I have got my MOT coming up soon in August :cry: and was just wanting to check what will fail my car i have a list of problems ive found car spec 2001 alfa 156 2.0l ts :cool: Work to be done (that im aware off) :confused: 1) blowing exhaust from flexi and or manifold (booked...
  16. MOT Advisory (But a Pass)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 156 went in for MOT today (fingers chewed to shreds) , passed with 2 advisories: Nail in n/s/r tyre. And O/s/r "rear lower suspension arm has slight play in a pin/bush[2.4.G.3]" Will this be the trailing arm or the transverse arm? Or do I just have to jack it up and have a look? Although...
  17. Last minute day trip to Applecross pass... anyone up for it?

    North Scotland
    Sure, I have just driven 2500 miles around Europe but all that has done is make me realise how much I love being in my car!! and another 450 miles aint that much for a diesel anyway :P I came across this by accident earlier and now I am set on doing it tomorrow :D (Since I am still off till...
  18. MOT Pass, thanks to Capt Pulco and Rmaxeman.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Picked up the 156 this afternoon after having some work done for the MOT, nothing too serious, but the main thumbs up go to Rmaxeman (who sent me some nice new front top wishbones) and Al (who had to carry them from Epsom to Manchester for me). Now a bit of welding's been done and the...
  19. Pass?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Stelvio vs St Gothard Hi all, I will be driving to Milan in June, but can't decide on the best route. Was going to drive to Mullhouse in France and then cross over into Switzerland. The dilemma facing me is do I go via St Gothard's Pass, which is more direct, or do I go 100 miles further and...
  20. German Alpine Route and Stelvio Pass

    General Alfa Discussion
    My wife and I are doing a road trip in April in Europe. The planned route is Ireland - Holyhead or Fishguard - EuroTunnel - Calais (1st stop) - Vaduz - German Alpine Route - Salzburg - Hungary (2 stops somewhere on the way) On the way back instead of the German Alpine Route we take the...