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    Now how do you use toilet paper Personally I'm a folder but I am also aware of the scrumpler I included other for our unfortunate members suffering with the old Chalfont St Giles or bum grapes :( the other option as they may have to use those medicated girly wipes :eek:
  2. Poll Room
    Warning Public Poll Okay time for another silly poll :p But nevertheless an important(ish) question, hygiene wise :eek: I mean where did the the hand visit last, which used that loo roll last :eek: [… stems a bit from a very old toilet etiquette post of mine :D] Before you use toilet paper...
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    Anyone ever seen this before? :cheese:
  4. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All Has anyone come across such a thing, i have one on CD (not very good).
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    Turn to page 60!