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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Fiat Panders with Kung Fu Panda?Themed Panda to Save Pandas ?*News ?*Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog Did anyone order one? :confused: :lol:
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    My 20v SW is going on ebay, so as a daily drive replacement I've just bought a Panda 100HP - no sniggering at the back! After the GTA arrived having two 'wagons was a bit of a luxury, at least this way if we need a larger car there is no debating - it has to be the GTA:thumbup: It's 2009 with...
  3. Motoring Images
    Took delivery this afternoon. She's a Twinair Cross in Tuscany Green with winter & comfort packs, reversing sensors and rear privacy glass. Had sill kick plates, matts, boot liner & the Panda B pillar badges fitted by the dealer. She replaces my beloved 500 Twinair Plus which is going to a...
  4. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After 4 years of fantastic ownership and 60,0000 miles (total of 140k) my Alfa time is over. I'd made the decision with a heavy heart that the time had come were it no longer made much sense to MOT and tax her for another year. I bought the car (51 reg 1.6 TS) for £1200 as a stop gap motor...
  5. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi there I was wondering if anyone can help me. My Missus has a 2006 Fiat panda dualogic with 92k miles. I have noticed that it is starting to hold the gears for much longer when accelerating (usually 4.5 - 5 thou RPM). I suspect that maybe the hydraulic fluid might need topping up. I have tried...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    in the non motoring press. (:confused:) Fiat Panda Cross: 'Interesting-looking' Multipla spawn hits UK • The Register
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    According to the ever-reliable Alfablog of holland Volkswagen technici bezoeken Pomigliano d Are they scoping it out or is a typical visit between companies like when Audi showed Jaguar round their aluminium car facilities? Oh , the intrigue..
  8. South Africa
    I was looking at these 2 for the school run. The Grande Punto 1.4 57kw and Panda 100hp Both 2008, both 50k on the clock and both R75 000 I like the Panda, she likes the Punto. Panda is a lot more fun, but smaller. ...any ideas on running cost and service cost for these.
  9. General Motoring Discussion
    Seen this one. What do you think? Fiat Panda Monster Truck
  10. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi guys gals etc etc been thinking constantly on what my plans are in march 2013 when i have to either keep/buy or swap the mito for something newer! Well my finances are looking bad and i will have to get rid of the mito but for what:confused: Basically the mito drinks to much costs to much to...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Anyone spotted the pre facelift 156 in the new Panda ad.
  12. General Motoring Discussion Has arrived... Looks like Fiat have another winner here
  13. General Motoring Discussion
    Hi there, I'm looking for a small budget commuter car and have narrowed it down to a brand new Panda 100HP (one of the last built, I think) or a nearly-new 500 1.4 Sport. The 500 is slightly more expensive (in the region of GBP1k). What do you guys and gals think? Cheers K
  14. Alfa MiTo
    so far so good, we love it in a different way to the MINI, going to be some good times with this little baby :thumbs:
  15. South West
    Well I have managed to get my 147 booked in with vospers exeter for the cruise control, hopefully under warranty! Guess what, they are lending me? A fiat panda! Lol! Can hardly wait! I'll be screaming the tyres on that piece of junk!
  16. Poll Room
    So..... as the title suggests. what colour should i buy a Panda in, Quite tempted by white! But It takes 12 weeks to order!
  17. General Motoring Discussion
    Seriously considering a 100HP to replace my 156. What colour looks best? Black Grey Blue Red Or White, if I want to wait 12 weeks! :confused: I need to trade my car in so, driving halfway around Britain isnt really an option so have to do it at my local dealer. What do you think?
1-17 of 30 Results