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  1. Detailing Paintwork - Ceramic Coating

    South Africa
    The rest of the world seems to be getting excited about ceramic coating their paintwork for extra protection, shine and durability. I've found a firm in Randburg that do it, and I'm taking one of my recently resprayed cars for a quote this afternoon. Has anyone here had it done? Happy with...
  2. Best way to polish out feint scratches and marks to my silver paintwork

    Car Detailing
    Hi So as the title says I'm looking for the best products and methods for dealing with superficial marks and scratches to the silver body of my GTV. It's not something I've bothered with much on past cars but I want to make an effort with this one. I'm wary of using T cut because I've heard...
  3. Paintwork restoration conundrum #2

    Car Detailing
    I have 2003 166 in Proteo Red in good all round condition. However, it's suffering from some small patches of lacquer peel on the roof. Short of a pro respray, are there any DIY options to repair lacquer peel - or at least stop it spreading? Cheers, Jeremy
  4. T cut damage to 147 paintwork

    Car Detailing
    Hi I posted this on the 147 section and got adviced to ask you guys. I appear to have done something terrible to my Alfa...damaged her paint!! Id scratched the paint last year going past some bushes so decided to give the whole car a T-cut treatment. I applied it then polished it all off as...
  5. paintwork

    General Alfa Discussion
    the clear lacquer is lifting off in large pieces from the front wing and around the tailgate catch on my 08 brera, is this a regular fault or am I just a lucky boy ..:depressed::irked: mr swivs ..
  6. Paintwork bubbling on rear bumper? Photos Included

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Gave my Alfa Brera a good wash at the weekend and noticed some paintwork "bubbling" on the rear bumper - anyone else come across this? Have read some posts but people mention the lacquer and I am unsure if it is this or the paintwork? Would be interested if anyone else has come across...
  7. Prepping the 159 for sale - paintwork HELP!

    West Midlands
    Simply Alfas have just put another 12 months ticket on the 159 which must now depart to fund the GTV respray and downpayment on a GT86 (according to Mrs Hagley - though it's more likely a Kia bab!). I have a bit of blistering on the bonnet where the water has got under some stone chips. I'd...
  8. Bird ***** and Alfa paintwork

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well, my week has ended badly / weekend has started badly!! On Thursday morning my lovely Atlantico Blue Cloverleaf GT was shat on by what I can only assume was the biggest flying feathery friend known to man, I think the Dodo is back from extinction!! The N/S rear window area scattered with a...
  9. Had some paintwork done, sudenly having lacquar peel in other areas of the car coinci

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I recently had the front bumper, bonnet and roof done on the car. There was a tiny bit of lacquar peel on the roof and by tiny I mean no more than a couple of stone chip size I got the paint done a couple of weeks ago, and the day after I got the car back I noticed lacquar peel a bit bigger...
  10. Giulietta paintwork

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi everyone. Just selling my 2008 147. These had lacquered, water-based paint which had the resilience of soft cheese and would chip if you sneezed on it. Does the Giulietta suffer from the same problem? I'm looking at a 2012 solid red one. Thanks.
  11. Brera Paintwork

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi guys, I spent a couple of hours giving my wifes Brera a well needed clean today, but i have noticed it has some slight paint fading towards the rear on the roof section on the passenger side. Is this a known issue and is there a good way to 'restore' this? Also looking a replacing the...
  12. How to maintain rosso paintwork.

    Car Detailing
    Just a quick bit of advice needed. As I have no garage and where I park gets the sun all day, whats the best way to stop my red paintwork going pink. My guess is just leaving it unwashed and polished is the worst, but are there any polishes or treatments that will inhibit colour fade of red...
  13. Clear coat peeling off the front fenders

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem who has heard of this before. Now i know my QV has GTA cams in it and could be causing extra heat from the engine to cause this but i am not sure. My problem is as follows: On both front fenders the clear coat is peeling off from the edges...
  14. Paintwork.

    Alfa GTA
    Just got a quote to repaint the roof, A pillars, door tops, down to bumper on the wings to blend colour. Also fix rear spoiler which has some kind of paint rash. £658.56 labour, £234.00 paint £4.50 waste control charge. £179.41 VAT £1076.47 total
  15. 147 GTA paintwork woes.

    Alfa GTA
    Just noticed the lacquer on the top of passenger door has started to peel. It's only about 5-10 mm wide from the bottom of the window frame. Does anyone know of a fix short of a respray?
  16. Paintwork Repair!

    Alfa MiTo
    Can anyone recommend a place in or around Birmingham that will do good repair work to the paintwork on my Mito? It appears a car has scrapped the corner or my rear bumper and a bit of the side panel in a car parking space :mad:
  17. Protective plastic film for paintwork

    General Motoring Discussion
    My Alfa has quite a few pin head paint chips caused by a previous owner thinking it was a good idea to drive at speed on gravel. I want to get it resprayed and my brother mentioned a friend of his had had his car bonnet resprayed and then covered with some sort of plastic film to protect the...
  18. Italia Independent Paintwork

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I have had my spider for a while now, and clean her with ph friendly shampoo, and she looks lovely. I would also like to give her a nice wax, with the weather getting bad, to protect her delicate complexion. I have read both good and bad things about what you can and cannot use. Hopefully there...
  19. Paintwork - peeling lacquer

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have had problems with the lacquer coat peeling, and what you did to fix it. I'm picking up a cheap GTV tomorrow which has roof afflicted by this problem. Is it just a case of getting a new lacquer coat sprayed on, or a full re-spray? If re-lacquering, is...
  20. wipers hitting paintwork

    Alfa MiTo
    Just wondering if anyone else had this problem. When my wipers are on they hit the paintwork on the right side... This has chipped the paintwork on the edge of the bonnet. Is this a common problem or just my little mito? Thanks