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  1. Pagid brake hose too short (rear)

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just completed by caliper rebuild and bought new Brembo pads and Pagid brake hoses from Euro Carparts.. trouble is the rear hoses are way too short to connect to the caliper. Its a 2001 3.0 v6.. I can obviously take them back which is a pain but where should I go to get the correct length hoses...
  2. Brembo Pagid pads for sale

    Alfa Giulietta
    Ordered the wrong pads for my Dad's G. His car doesn't have Brembo calipers so these are surplus to requirements. Pads are Pagid 101510518 still in box. £20 plus postage sound fair?
  3. 330mm Pagid Discs and Pads for Sale

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I have a set of 330mm Pagid Discs and pads to suit a 159 or Brera that I bought by mistake (I have 305mm Brembo's!) Part Numbers: Discs - Pagid 55209 (330 x 28mm) Pads - Pagid T5113 They owe me £115 so looking for something like £90 to cut my losses and cover the price of the 305mm ones. I...
  4. pagid pads

    Alfa GTA
    Brand: Pagid Product Code: T1555 anyone use these or has used them looking for reviews would like to use them so unless loads of poor reviews might try a set
  5. Pagid pads

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Brand: Pagid Product Code: T1555 anyone run or has run these pads .. found a supply in evo 10 fitment for the gta.. not a bad price if they work well
  6. What parts from whom? When did Pagid become genuine Alfa (also on another forum)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Fellow Alfa drivers, In the quest to keep her in top shape - parts are often required. This month it was a brake refresh and I checked all the usual suspects: Alfaworkshop Carparts4less Western Saab and alfa Buypartsby Shop4parts Partsworld-uk EB Spares Veloces Autolusso Et al And decided...
  7. Euro Car Parts Pagid discs/pads?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Is anyone using the Pagid discs and pads from ECP? I need to replace mine and these seem to be a cheaper alternative to genuine ones.. If so, are these the ones I would need: Brake Discs | Brake Discs and Brake Parts for any car Front disc: 330mm diameter Front pads: for Brembo disc system...
  8. Clutch Slave Pagid or Bosch?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Quick question to see if anyone has any recommendations. Going to have a go at lubing up the clutch release shaft on my GT V6 this weekend as per the great advice from blacksheep on this forum. While I'm in there I thought I may as well replace the slave cylinder. Local motor factors have a...
  9. Anyone used these Pagid brake pads?

    Alfa GTA
    Need some new pads, and came across these Pagid's for £35 for the whole front axle. Seems to good to be true, considering Pagid are fairly well regarded. I guess they are very basic Pagids? Has anyone used them? Can't find any statistics on them.. regarding heat... stopping power etc. Need them...
  10. Pagid brake pads....

    Alfa GTA
    Hi, Got new Pagid Blue pads on my 147 GTA, can't find any instructions on how to properly bed them in. Have driven them more than 3k km, took very good care of them the first 1k. However they still squeal like mad under light braking. So, anybody know how to properly bed them in? In addition...
  11. Pagid, Brembo and Ferodo brake pads for GTA 330mm/GT/166

    Alfa GTA
    Following on from discussion about this a while back, I thought I'd post the results of some searching. If you've got a GTA with the later 330mm brakes, then hardly any sites list your car. From seeing that the Ferodo DS2500 part numbers for the GTA 330mm and the Evo 8 are the same, I found the...
  12. Pagid vs Ferodo- which and where to buy?

    Alfa GTA
    With the Doni trackday less than two months away I need to get some new front pads for the GTA (330mm brakes). I've never liked the feel of the standard pads - they can fade, and they can give a weird poor response from cold sometimes which feels like fade. I've always loved the feel of Pagids...
  13. 147 GTA Phase2 Pagid pads part.nrs.

    Alfa GTA
    Hi Guys, My brake system is going for a mayor upgrade in the coming weeks. New Tarox front discs (P0WERALFA) and grooved and drilled discs for the rear are on their way. Braided hoses have been ordered. DOT 5.1 fluid will be used. I'm thinking of going for Pagid Blue RS4-2 pads. Does anyone...