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  1. Avatars on Pager Messages

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    Pagers are ace :thumbs: But if you've got more than one conversation on the go it can be difficult to send the right reply to the right person sometimes :doh: :o Could we have avatars as well as usernames displayed at the top of the pager box? Anybody else think it's a good idea?
  2. Quicktime needed for pager messages?

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    Hi, I'm running Firefox on a clean install of XP patched and SP'd up to the max. Whenever I get a pager message Firefox notifies me that I need the quicktime plugin for the page. Cheers Sean
  3. Recieving a pager crashes Internet Explorer!

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    Hi AO, recently (last few months), recieving a pager has caused my Internet Explorer to crash, I hear the pager noise then it locks up. This only happens if I have multiple tabs of open.
  4. Pager or PM response to reports?

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    Does this not happen anymore? Would be nice to know if a report was overruled or accepted. Acknowledgement was AO protocol once upon a time :rolleyes: wrinx
  5. The Noise When You Receive A Pager

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    Don't know if anyone else is suffering this but today, when I receive a pager, the noise is somewhat 'trunckated' :confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. Pager Thingy

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    Well someone just sent me a Pager (not even sure what it is!!) but unfortunatly becuase I am not a member I could not reply Sorry. One thing that did concern me Mods is that when I did receive it , It killed my Internet Explorer.. came up with an error about plugin or something.. maybe it was...
  7. Why is there a limit on pager messages?

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    I've been talking to a couple of people tonight and just got a message to say I can't send any more pagers as I've used my allocation of 25 :confused: Is that right :confused: I'm sure I've gone over 25 before tonight!!
  8. Pager Messages - FIXED

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    I appear to have lost the ability to send pager messages to people, am I alone or has this effected everyone?
  9. Can we have more space to type Pager Messages?? - CLOSED

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    That would be neat, as 250 characters is a bit restrictive sometimes... :D Thanks! :)
  10. FYI - AO Pager self delete messages

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    For your info only: As AO pager was designed to be a quick messaging tool and the fact we have several thousand "read" messages floating on our system. We have decided to make All AO pager messages set themselves for automatic deletion every one hour after being read. Once again, this will be...