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  1. Since we're at it, the new Paddy Waggon.

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    The sun came out today so when the boy came home from school we wrapped up warm, put the heater on full and went posing.
  2. intro of paddy omurfy

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    Hi there! I am looking forward to talking with alfa people I bought a 147 selespeed because it was quite simply a very exciting drive I am worried about all the horror stories but you might aswell be hung for a sheep as a lamb!!
  3. paddy

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    hey yall just got my 166 today this is my 5th alfa to date and so far pretty nifty
  4. Happy New Year from me and my Uncle Paddy

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    happy new year to everyone from me & my uncle paddy here in addlestone. Havin a great new year so far & my uncle wishes u all a happy new year & hopes to spk to you all soon in a month or 2. My uncle paddy is here on holiday here in addlestone with me at the mo. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006