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  1. What cars have you owned that would be worth a bob or two now?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I'm not talking about the classics that you have, I'm talking about one's you had and sold cheaply as you progressed through your driving career. I've only got 1. It is my XR3. I can only find mint versions of the XR3i, which sell upwards of £6k. My 1980/81, 4 speed, twin Weber version is...
  2. Y168LBU Anyone owned it?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    I'm having a world of fun with the wiring modifications and relays on my yellow Alfa 145 (picture below):titanic:. Apparently it was previousley owned by a forum member and has been subject to a number of modifications, the last owner had lost all of the details. Any chance any its previous...
  3. First alfa ever owned

    Introduce Yourself
    Morning all. I can now say i am the proud owner of a 2.0 gtv from 1997. Only drove it a little as its in garage now haveing all new belts on it and i cannot wait to get it back!!! Only non orignal bit of it is the radio so if anybody has 1 for sale id be intrested ?. Any other owners from the...
  4. What�s the worst car you�ve ever owned?

    General Motoring Discussion
    What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned? As above, what is yours. What was it. What year did you own it & what year was the car in question. I’m going to start off with mine. It was a 1994 VW Passat 2.0i, only bought because it shared the same 2.0i engine as the Golf GTi of its time. It was...
  5. Has anyone owned petrol and a diesel 159 ?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    My finance is up in September and I can't really justify changing the car... ...the diesel aspect does put me off a little, so was wondering if anyone's had experience of both fuel types. If so, could you give a compare and contrast please? cheers :)
  6. First Alfa owned

    Introduce Yourself
    Recently bought my first Alfa: an 09 GT Cloverleaf 2ltr Manual. Best car I've had. Already found the forum great help. Based North East of England.
  7. 159 - Best car I have owned

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi to the forum & forum users I am the proud owner of a 159 Lusso Sport 2.0 Diesel 170 BHP Saloon Though the design is over ten years old, it still has the best front end of any car out there Bought the car from a main dealer almost 5 years ago, with 3000 miles on the clock and a massive...
  8. Anyone on here owned a Citroen 2CV

    General Motoring Discussion
    Going to look at a 1977 2CV6 in SW France tonight. Looks good on paper but a rather eye watering 4,000 Euros asking price which seems to be quite cheap here for a good one. Hoping to be able to knock 500 Euros off if I like it.... Basket cases are 1500 Euros. Anyway, am I mad?
  9. Laaities and their (insert your choice of bodykitted vehicle owned by an infant))

    South Africa
    Just drove past a youngster (I'm not old, but this oke must have been max 18) in the underground parking, standing proudly next to a polo, with the most atrocious body kit, and a ground clearance of about 50mm, if that. He was "skeefing" me as I drove past him, so I stopped, got out, and in my...
  10. You aren't a proper petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa.

    Introduce Yourself
    And there we go. Got a brera 2.2 jts 2006 last year and ran into all sorts of engine problems which drove me here. Glad i bought it, glad for the experience it brought and has yet to bring. So see you on the forums. I'll post a full resume as soon as it's done and maybe on the way i'll also ask...
  11. List the cars you have owned and your dream cars

    General Motoring Discussion
    Since year 2000 1st car: 1972 Holden HQ Premier (Bored of it) 2nd: 1993 Holden Barina 1.3 Carby (Drove 100k,bored) 3rd: 1997 Holden Commodore VT 3.8 (Car had structual probs,due to previous accident) 4th: 1997 Lexus ES300 (Overheating on Hwy) 5th: 1985 Ford Laser (2 Litres of oil a week, 1...
  12. Owned Alfa Spider for 20 yrs but new to site!

    Introduce Yourself
    Well it certainly has taken a while to sign up to this site!!! I have owned my beautiful Alfa Romeo Spider for half of my life....I only just thought of that, what a thought! Anyway she is lovely and in pretty good condition considering her age. I currently live in the South of France which is...
  13. New GT Owner – Have you owned one that doesn’t creak?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Afternoon All, I’ve now owned my 2007 Lusso JTD GT for a week, and I love it, however, I’m very good at appreciating, cleaning and driving cars – unfortunately not mechanically maintaining them! So, I’m hoping that someone with some Alfa experience can help me please… I have trawled the forums...
  14. Who owned the red Spider on Homes Under the Hammer?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Work from home and have developed a very bad habit of having the TV on in the AM and was this morning watching Homes Under The hammer where they had a Public Lav for sale in St Albans and as Martin whatever his surname is?, was standing outside describing the Lot there was a fella behind in a...
  15. Whats the best car you've ever owned?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I havent owned many cars since im young so so far it has to be either the Spider or the Abarth i cant decide :p
  16. How to tell if an Alfa has NOT been owned by an enthusiast

    General Alfa Discussion
    Been doing the rounds at some car dealers looking for a good 156. Man I get the same story from every car salesman. "This car was owned by an Alfa enthusiast". Yeah right! Alfa enthusiasts dont do the first cambelt change at 110,000 Ks. They never NOT wash under the hood, so the motor is...
  17. You can't be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    It's about time I posted on here... So at last, my stable: An early 1998 Cloverleaf acquired spring 2000 and still going strong :rolleyes: (we'll get to that later) and then at the end of last year a beautiful pearlescent white 147 GTA. Both are simply amazing. The 145 Cloverleaf. Responsive...
  18. How long have you owned your GT?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    5 years for me....bought it second hand on an 05 plate, it has now done 102000 miles. Best car I've ever had. Changing it this year, moving out of the Alfa family :(
  19. 147 gta first alfa owned.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone in Luke. I come from wiltshire. Last weekend I brought my first alfa romeo. It's a stunning 147 gta in silver. What a car it is!!!! I have been brought up with Italian car so it was only right to own one my self. My daily car is an 2002 fiat punto sporting. So I have gone for a...
  20. If you owned a car like this ...

    General Motoring Discussion
    with all these bothers Blowing too much from the back end Cracked windscreen Dented front bumper and driver side grille No heater blower Driver side window only just getting to the top would you keep and fix it? ... you bet :thumbs::thumbs::) (1984/5) A work still in progress ... and it...