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  1. The Technology Section
    Pay $1 or more to receive: Dead Space 3 Dead Space Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Medal of Honor Mirror’s Edge Pay any price to receive: The Sims 3 Soundtrack Battlefield 3 Soundtrack Beat the Average Price and get: The Sims 3 + Starter Pack Battlefield 3...
  2. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, I'm trying to find out if my RHD Ph1 V6 12v spider is a conversion or not. The speedo is still in km/h but the car is registered in the UK in 1996 (P77* ***) and it's a normal Right hand drive. I just thought the V6s didn't come out in the spiders till 2001 and by then it was the 24v...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    I was wearing an Alfa shirt the other evening, whilst giving a music lesson to a young lad, who asked why there was a St. George cross in the Alfa badge. He thought it was a football crest, and had accurately noticed that several Continental football clubs include St. George crosses in their...
  4. Motoring Images
    Took the picture in Rome last June. This used to be a basilica, founded by Julius Caesar in honour of Pope Julius II, for victory over Jerusalem. I know it has nothing to do with the name Giulia, anybody of you Alfa-heads out there know where the name Giulia came from??
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all afisti, I do not want to look like an idiot, but what are the origin of the four leaf clover on certian alfa`s, as far as I know it`s an Irish thing.
  6. Poll Room
    New poll material for you all :p :p ;) :D
  7. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Ooh, noobie in this lounge - first post related to new 147, so please go easy on me :) Where...... the hell has anyone mounted a B2 in the 147 gta cockpit?
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    hello people, i was wondering if anyone has a Origin Blue B2, i am thinking of buying one, and to me it looks like a good package along with the radar detection unit, i was wondering if anyone has or used one, and wondering what peoples opinions are with regards to other systems that are on the...
1-8 of 8 Results