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  1. Optimax

    Alfa GTA
    I was watching 5th Gear this morning, and they had a section on fuel. They tested 3 cars on 3 different fuels, which basically showed that the more powerful the engine, the more the fuel made a difference. The scooby made 15bhp more using optimax over supermarket fuel. So who here uses Optimax...
  2. Anybody using Shell V-Power? (Optimax replacement)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi if you are what are your thoughts? Initially I'm impressed, my fuel economy has gone through the roof, I'm tickling 40mpg where before I was lucky to get 33mpg over a full tank. Haven't done any real performance testing because got new brakes on so need to drive a few miles to bed them in...
  3. Shell optimax etc.....

    General Alfa Discussion
    Has anyone tried any of the so called 'Super' fuel petrols in their Alfa? I've tried one of the diesels in a JTS Stilo i used to have, but was well unimpressed by the drop in performance. I also tried one of the petrol (BP's I think) in my old 1.6 Multipla, but thought that is caused, or added...
  4. My verdict on Optimax

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello All, I've done some calculations after using Optimax in my 1.8 T.Spark Veloce after switching from Supermarket petrol :tut: and have found Optimax to be worth the extra money. Pretty much all my driving is urban, going to and from work down a 30mph road, stopping and starting etc. and I...
  5. Shell Optimax better fuel economy?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I think i get better fuel economy on optimax, am i living in a pipe dream? FYI its 85.9p over the standard 79.9p in my garage.
  6. BP Ultimate v Optimax

    General Alfa Discussion
    Thought I'd start this again as I think the original was lost when the site changed. I'd been running my car on Optimax for 18 months with my Squadra. Recently I tried BP Ultimate and thought the car was better, more power, smoother etc especially in mid range and high revs. After 2 tankfulls...
  7. Furture thoughts on Optimax

    General Alfa Discussion
    Supposedly Optimax achieves it high octane by the use of polymer additives. Many bike riders have plug fouling problems with it. However have no problem with Mobil 8000 (Australia)
  8. Optimax vs 95 Ron

    General Alfa Discussion
    Evo magazine did a test last year using a Jag, a Honda CTR and BMW Z3 Coupe. It proved much cleaner enhancing performance and (I think economy). 'specially mid range. I don't use anything but Optimax which in my opinion is the cheapest power boost you can give a petrol car. :)
  9. Shell Optimax

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi all, Finally managed to put a tank of Shell Optimax in my 145QV on Monday. So far I've been pretty impressed. She seems to pull better from low revs and certainly pulls harder higher up the range :D Shame it's a bit more expensive and there are not more Shell stations around Oxford. Has...
  10. Optimax benefits on the 147

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Would anyone recommend using Shell Optimax in a 147 1.6? I swear that my other car runs better with Optimax. Anyone come across this? thanks Rich
  11. K.N Air Filter + Optimax

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    When I first got my car with the original alfa air filter I tried shell optimax. It did not seem to change the performance and after a short while I stopped using it. Some time after I fitted a K.N air filter which improved performance and induction sound but seemed to create a rough tick over...
  12. Shell Optimax

    Alfa 155
    Hello all. Now then a simple one, I believe, is this question. Shell Optimax is supposedly the highest Octane fuel available in thwe UK today. Has anybody out there noticed whether it offers any real improvements in actual driving? I run my 95 V6 on the stuff and it likes it lots. Also makes...
  13. Shell Optimax

    Alfa 155
    Hi Guys, Wondered if any of you have tried Shell Optimax petrol. I've been experimenting with this fuel on and off over the last month or so, and have come to the conclusion that my V6 definately runs better on it. The last fill up was with Optimax, and the acceleration feels smoother, and...
  14. Optimax

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys Thinking of trying Optimax for my 147. Can anyone advise me on this matter? Is there a big different and as they suggested; would be good for the engine and performance? Many thanks
  15. Optimax Top Trumps

    General Alfa Discussion
    Has anyone been collecting the Optimax top trumps? Here is a list of all the cards in case anyone is interested. You have to collect 18 to win a trip to the British International Motor Show with £50k to spend :-) Maserati Coupe Toyota Celica T Sport Reliant Ambra Maserati Spyder Toyota...
  16. Shell Optimax v BP Ultimate v Mobil Synergy8000

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    What are peoples thoughts on different high octane fuels that are available?
  17. Optimax = Pinking?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all Has anyone here using Optimax experienced pinking? I'm on my fourth tank, and whilst driving today with the windows down (I usually have the windows up with Aircon on) I heard a distinctive rattle (relatively quiet) that I'm almost certain was the sound of pinking. I wasn't working the...
  18. Optimax -it works just like shell says it should.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Worry - Shell says that Optimax does everything we have been saying it does! Its suppopsed to be better mid range, it supposes to pull away better at roundabouts, it supposed to give better fuel consuption on long journeys. AND it weighs more - its actually 10% more dense than ordinary...
  19. Shell Optimax / Octane boosters

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, when using higher octane petrol or octane boosters does the 2.0TS engine (156 2.0TS 155BHP)automatically adjust the timing to take advantage of the higher octane or do you need to change something manually. If the engine can adjust itself, what octane can it adjust upto? I asked my local...
  20. Shell Optimax fuel

    General Alfa Discussion
    As a long term user of 97 octane fuel just thought I'd mention that Shell have just uprated their premium grade unleaded defying the downward trend, to 98 octane again. Sorry for sounding like their top marketing man but this is what I was told by the cashier today and he also gave me a rather...