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  1. Replacement door opener

    Alfa Giulietta
    Had the drivers door opener break off yesterday as they do a lot after reading up on here and other sites.Just about to order an after market one from Alfaworkshop they have good instructions with photos to follow on there site.Anybody fitted one of these and how was it.Don,t want to go down the...
  2. rust bubble around tailgate opener

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, last week I spotted a rust bubble under the tailgate opener on my 2009 Mito. Has anyone else had similar problems in this area? Now I'm asking myself if I should wait or have it painted right away. Here is a picture:
  3. 166 3,0 -99 rear windows, electrical seats, tank lid, boot opener

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello, Discovered that all of the above has stopped working. All fuses for this seams to be in the trunks right hand side bur they all are ok. Anyone had this problem? Can't find the earth point that is supposed to be to the right in the back anyone knows where IT is? Thanks in advance! /D
  4. Eye opener (ZAR)

    South Africa
    Then: Now: 1973 ALFA ROMEO GTV 2000
  5. BTCC season opener at Brands....

    International Motor Sport
    .........who's going? It'll be my first foray into the world of live BTCC action, and my first visit to Brands Hatch too. The weather is looking reasonable.............can't wait :)........the 4.30am departure is a bit of a pain though :lol:
  6. Revolutionary cheap garrage door opener

    South Africa
    Autoswitch Motorcycle Garage Door Opener - YouTube Enjoy!